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Step Into The Salon with a Few of Our Members

Emily Bowen
July 15, 2020
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We’re excited to announce the launch of The Salon! Prose’s personalized membership service, where we offer you a customized subscription, complimentary products, 1:1 virtual appointments, among other perks! Get to know a few of our long time customers below who are among the first members of The Salon.

Raquel Lily’s hair care journey

Fun fact: I am a musician, music producer and online content creator. I’m incredibly passionate about my work and my craft and sharing my music with the world.

How long have you been a Prose customer?

Since 2018

Has your hair always been this fun?

I've been dying my hair purple since I was about 13. One time, I re-dyed my hair and was convinced that the longer you could keep the dye on, the better it was for longevity. I barely washed out the dye and slept with a hairnet. I came int oschool that day looking like I straight up had a wig on because the dye on my hairline looked RIDICULOUS!!! I grew up with boring, straight hair. I'd struggle because if I went a day without washing, my hair would look like a grease bucket. Up until when I started using Prose, I would wash my hair our every day, if not every day. I would try and be good and wait at least a day because I always read it wasn't good to wash it out that often. When I started using Prose, not only did I have to wash my hair less, but I was able to begin to train my hair to be washed less without feeling itchy, too greasy, or tight. Now, I am able to wash my hair twice a week, and one a week if I really felt like it with some help with dry shampoo once in a while.

Jodi’s hair care journey

Fun Fact: I am a former pediatric intensive care unit nurse, now in school full-time for nurse anesthesia. I am crazy passionate about healthy living, particularly all things clean beauty.

How long have you been a Prose customer?

Since October, 2019

How has your relationship with your hair changed over the years?

My poor mother has stick, straight hair and had no idea how to manage my hair when I was younger. She gave me bangs when I was in elementary school and when they dried, they curled up and were SO short. Not a cute look. Up until college, before I found a proper curly hair stylist, my hair would always be in the shape of a triangle (narrow on the top and straight out on the bottom) every time after I got it cut. I was never happy with the results and always self conscious about it. It took me 22 years to accept my curls. I used to do everything in my power to tame and straighten them. One of my close friends in college introduced me to the curly girl method, and it was completely life-changing. I learned to love my curls, treat them with care, and embrace them. I like to call myself a curl enthusiast now.

What’s your favorite Prose product?

Hands down, the pre-shampoo mask! My curls LOVE moisture, and the hair mask is super hydrating!

Salathia’s hair care journey

My hair has changed so much since starting Prose and I am truly grateful.

I started using Prose because my hair was not retaining its length. Months would go by and it seemed as if my hair was the same length. The problem was my hair was shedding more than it was growing. I did not know if it was my diet or the products that I was formerly using. But, I saw an ad for Prose and decided to give them a try. What did I have to lose?

The best thing about Prose is the custom fit. Each time I reordered my products, I would see dramatic improvements. My hair was no longer shedding, the luster lasted longer, and my hair was continually more manageable.

I have to admit, I tried to stop using Prose thinking that maybe my hair didn’t need it anymore. But there wasn’t a product in the over the counter market comparable to Prose. So, I am a happy lifetime member of the Prose community.


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