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How to Reduce Buildup in Your Strands

May 23, 2019

1 Min read

Styling products can work wonders. They’re the quickest way to add volume, body, shine, coax out curls, or get sleek and smooth strands. But there’s a downside to them: regular use can cause build up on your hair and scalp, dulling your color and luster, and leaving hair limp—especially if you’re not using high-quality styling products (more on that later). Fortunately, there are ways to cut down on all the gunk. Here, pro tips to reduce product buildup and get shinier, softer, and more weightless hair.

Lather, rinse, repeat

If you have buildup, one cleanse may not be enough. So, do two. The first shampoo will break down the product buildup; the second one cleanses. With the first wash, focus on where you apply the most styling product or get greasy (maybe that’s the crown of your head, or your bang area). Attack those spots first, using your fingertips to loosen the product and oils. Rinse. Then shampoo your entire scalp and strands for an overall clean.

Look for “good” silicones

You’ve probably heard that silicones can coat your strands, leaving a heavy, dulling residue. It’s true, but not all silicones are created equal. Inexpensive silicones (usually found in cheap hair products) form a sealant on hair, blocking moisture from getting through. As that film builds up over time, hair gets drier and drier. A “good” silicone to look for is PEG-7 dimethicone, a conditioning, water-soluble silicone. What does that mean? It smooths hair, but then rinses away clean, so you’re not left with a waxy build up that dries out hair.

Don’t forget about sneaky culprits

Some products that cause buildup are fairly obvious: sticky hair sprays and gels, silicone-laden hair serums. You want to use less of these and wash well following the above-mentioned tips. But there are some unexpected offenders, too. Dry shampoo is a biggie. Sure, a powdery spritz here and there can reverse a greasy hair day or extend the life of your blowout, but that powder is also notorious for piling up on your scalp.If using dry shampoos and texture sprays is you’re thing, then just make sure that you’re not layering them on over and over for multiple days in a row. They can even have the opposite effect, making your scalp greasier in the long run. That’s because if the skin on your scalp is clogged, your oil glands go into overdrive trying to get through all the buildup. Another unexpected one? Volumizing products. They’re designed to bodify and boost fine strands, but can leave hair heavy and dirty looking. Why is that? Some are formulated to coat each individual hair strand in order to plump up the diameter. But over time that coating can accumulate. The best way to build body in fine hair is to use hair care that contains ingredients which work to naturally improve volume followed by the right stylers—and a proper cleansing routine.


Prose shampoos will help you come clean the right way, reducing buildup. If you’re ready for shinier, healthier hair, take our consultation here.



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