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the Prose charcoal and grapefruit scalp mask sit next to each other with their lids open

#AskThePros: All About Our Revamped Scalp Mask

March 10, 2020

4 Min read

Welcome back to #AskThePros, where The Pros—your support team of custom hair care experts—break down our biggest customer questions. This month, we’re revisiting our Custom Pre-Shampoo Mask with some big news.

Over the past several months, our R&D Team in Paris has been hard at work to revamp our Scalp Mask. Starting March 10th, your Custom Scalp Mask will look, feel, and even smell different from your previous formula. Here, we’ll dive into all of the changes you’ll notice, and why you should get excited about each one.

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First things first: why do I need a Pre-Shampoo Mask?

We offer two types of masks: a Hair Mask to repair and protect your strands, and of course, a Scalp Mask to soothe and restore balance. (You may be recommended one over the other, but you’ll be able to purchase both.) This targeted approach ensures that your scalp and strands get the individual care they deserve; your shampoo and conditioner aren’t interchangeable, so why should your mask be?

Your Pre-shampoo Mask also opens up the hair cuticle, allowing your shampoo and conditioner to be even more effective.

Now, let’s shine the spotlight back on our new Scalp Mask. Formulated with the highest concentrations of your most-needed actives, here are just a few of the benefits it can deliver:

  • Gently removes impurities, buildup, and product residue
  • Soothes irritation, tightness, and flakiness
  • Rebalances the scalp’s biome, leading to a healthier scalp and lengths
  • Gives you an at-home spa treatment while you rewatch The Office for the millionth time

A cleaner formula with powerful new actives

Our revamped Scalp Mask boasts a leaner and cleaner ingredient list, so that your scalp only gets the ingredients it truly needs. Along with our familiar active ingredients, your mask may contain two new actives: a detoxifying blend (Bamboo charcoal powder) to draw out impurities and excess sebum, and a biome-rebalancing blend (Kombucha and Prebiotics).

If you’re wondering what those last few words mean, “microbiome” refers to all of the natural microorganisms that live on your skin and in your body. This combination of yeast and bacteria (the good kind!) helps protect and hydrate your skin. Our biome blend ups your skin’s natural defense mechanisms, which rebalances and protects the scalp from harsh aggressors. And since healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp, both your strands and your skin will reap the benefits.

Psst—if your new Scalp Mask looks grey, there’s no need to worry; it’s just been formulated with Bamboo charcoal powder. It’s totally color-safe and won’t deposit any color on your strands.

Scalp mask-exclusive scents

If you’re experiencing scalp sensitivity, our chemists always recommend opting for fragrance-free formulas. With this in mind, we’ve made our new Scalp Mask free of any added fragrance. Instead, the Scalp Mask comes with two brand-new scent experiences.

Your Custom Scalp Mask will contain a just-right concentration of either eucalyptus or grapefruit essential oil. Eucalyptus oil is naturally purifying, while grapefruit oil is used for its soothing properties. As an added bonus, these essential oils leave a light, natural (and non-irritating) scent. If your formula focuses on detoxifying, it’ll likely be grey thanks to charcoal powder and will contain eucalyptus essential oil. Or if your formula is geared towards soothing, it’ll be powdery pink in color (thanks to French pink clay) and will contain grapefruit essential oil.

An upgraded texture

Once you get your hands on your new Scalp Mask, you’ll notice a creamier, slightly jelly-like texture that’s even easier to apply and produces a light foam. We’ve also added jojoba beads to every formula, which is an all-natural and biodegradable exfoliator. With their smooth, spherical shape, these tiny beads provide gentle stimulation and zero irritation.

Goodbye, alcohol

When it comes to all these renovations, what’s just as important is what we’re leaving behind. With our new Scalp Mask formula, we’ve removed ethyl alcohol—this means that all Prose products are now alcohol-free. Still working through a jar of our previous Scalp Mask? Don’t worry, as there’s only a light concentration of alcohol for a cooling effect without any drying; after all, everything in moderation.

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  1. I’m so excited to try the new mask putting exfoliating beads in it that’s so exciting and charcoal I’m so excited you guys are doing so good I tell everyone about you guys ❤️ I’ll post my new mask on Facebook for you guys can’t wait my next order is 4/1/20 hope all is well with all of you crazy world today ❤️

    1. We can’t wait to know what you think, Devon! Thanks so much for spreading the good word about Prose & please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions at all. We love to hear from you, so please keep us in the loop!

    1. Hi Bettyann! Just click the image of our scalp mask at the bottom of this article under the “Shop this article” headline and you’ll be able to purchase!

    2. So exciting to hear that you’re interested in trying out your custom filled products, Bettyann! Just head to to take your consultation and check out your active ingredients. If you have any questions, just let us know 🙂

  2. Hi there! I just rec’d my scalp mask, im very excited! One question: can i do the scalp and hair masks at the same time?

    1. Hi Sarah, yes! You can use them at the same time. Just make sure to really focus the Pre-Shampoo Scalp Mask directly on the scalp 🙂

      -Keely, Prose Community Manager

    1. Hi! You’ll want to apply your Pre-Shampoo Hair Mask on damp or wet hair 🙂

      -Keely, Prose Community Manager

  3. I was recommended a scalp mask and I’m excited to try! Is this something I should use before EVERY shampoo, or can I use it more sparingly?

    1. Hi there! We recommend using your Pre-Shampoo Scalp Mask once a week or biweekly 🙂

      -Keely, Prose Community Manager

  4. Would be nice to have instructions on how to use the SCALP mask; i.e., amount of product, how long to leave on scalp, etc. All directions seem to be for the HAIR mask. Am tired of searching the website. No pamphlet came with my order, btw. I find the website a bit frustrating and convoluted.

    1. Hi Henry, we are so sorry you were not provided with instructions on how to use your Pre-Shampoo Scalp Mask. We will definitely share this feedback with our team.

      To use Pre-Shampoo Scalp Mask:
      1. Scoop the desired amount onto fingertips and gently massage into a damp scalp until the jojoba beads dissolve and a light foam forms.
      2. Leave it on for 5-15 minutes.
      3. Rinse with warm water, follow with your usual shampoo and conditioner routine.

      We hope this helps! Please let us know if you have anymore questions regarding your Pre-Shampoo Scalp Mask or any other Prose products.

      -Keely, Prose Community Manager

    1. Hi Liz! We recommend leaving your Scalp Mask on for 5-15 minutes. Hope this helps 🙂

      -Keely, Prose Community Manager