How and Why You Should Give Yourself a Scalp Massage

What’s the best part of getting a haircut? Sure, leaving with a fresh ‘do is always a mood boost, not to mention the good hair day that comes with the salon experience, but for the most soothing, stress-melting moment, nothing beats a scalp massage during the shampoo. When expert hands knead away tension, those few minutes are bliss. 

Though it’s hard to recreate the full experience at home—those comfy wash chairs and an extra set of pro hands are key—you can learn how to give yourself a scalp massage to get the perks on non-salon days. And there are plenty!

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    The benefits of a scalp massage

    A scalp massage doesn’t just feel good—it also does good, with the scientific research to prove it. Regular scalp massages give hair a natural growth boost. Most people’s hair grows between half an inch to one inch every month, but when you add regular scalp massages, that can help increase monthly growth. 

    That’s because a good scalp massage stimulates blood circulation and oxygen to their hair follicle, helping to deliver more nutrients to the root to help bolster hair growth. That makes scalp massages especially beneficial to those with thinning hair or hair loss. In fact, scalp massages can also help hair grow thicker. 

    According to a study published in the journal Eplasty, after study participants used a scalp massage device for four minutes a day for 24 weeks, the increase of blood flow to their scalp and hair follicles improved the thickness of their hair, signaling that regular scalp massage might also leave locks stronger and shinier. 

    Just like getting a regular massage, a scalp massage has mental health perks as well. It can help lower blood pressure, heart rate and stress hormone levels, as well as reduce headaches and migraines. Plus, you don’t need a study to tell you that it’s simply relaxing. That’s what makes it an important part of a self-care routine.

    How often should you do a scalp massage?

    Generally speaking, the more often you can give yourself a scalp massage, the better. Make it work for your schedule, whether that’s every time you wash your hair in the shower or when you’re watching TV. A few minutes every day will deliver magic, but doing it a few times a week still delivers results, too.

    Giving yourself a scalp massage does not have to be a big event, you can incorporate it anytime that works best for you.

    What is the best way to give yourself a scalp massage?

    A great time to give yourself a scalp massage is before you shampoo. To give the experience extra oomph, use a hair oil, such as the Prose custom hair oil, which is a completely natural, lightweight blend that’s customized for everyone’s individual needs and hair goals. A hair oil will help you get your scalp and strands squeaky clean, since oil attracts oil, so it’ll help lift grease and sweat. A win-win.

    Though a scalp massage can be done on wet or dry hair, having wet hair makes it easier for your hands to glide around your scalp. Make sure your hair is loose to be able to reach all of your scalp, so remove all pins, scrunchies, headbands and accessories. 

    Begin at the sides of your head, first massaging your temples, and always going in small circular motions. As you apply pressure and massage, you can pull the skin of your scalp up gently with your thumbs. Then work your way around your head to ensure that you won’t miss a spot, which is easy to do when you can’t see the back of your head. Taking your time and moving slowly helps ensure that won’t happen, and focus on one section one at a time. Whatever you do, don’t use your nails.

    More scalp massage tips

    Though it might feel good at first, any bacteria or dirt under your nails can be left on a scratched scalp, potentially leading to an infection. Only use the pads of your fingertips instead, but you can apply more pressure to go deeper and ease tension.

    You can give a little extra love to the places where your scalp sweats the most, such as the temples and back of the head where the skull meets the base of the neck, or the hairline, where you can get buildup from hair products and makeup. If you’re doing a massage in the shower with shampoo, this will help it penetrate more deeply for a better clean.

    Give your hair extra love with custom products from Prose

    A scalp massage is one of the best ways to care for the health of your scalp. Add to that a great regimen of custom products and you’re on your way to your healthiest scalp yet.

    Our custom Pre-Shampoo Scalp Mask is a wonderful addition to your hair care routine. Whether you require soothing repair or a mild detox, this intense pre-wash treatment can help restore balance to your scalp. Your Pre-Shampoo Scalp Mask could include ingredients such as:


    And plenty of other natural, ethical, and sustainable ingredients. Get a more in-depth look at our ingredient page, and learn why our products stand out from the rest.

    How do our ingredients and products stand out?

    Naturals obtained from around the world and in a sustainable manner

    We work with trustworthy partners to get products that are responsibly sourced from all around the world.

    Performance, not buzzwords, was the criteria for selection

    Our formulations provide you with the exact elements that your hair requires. That may entail a more efficient man-made element here or a simple natural element there. Rather than a single star player, the brilliance lies in our individually tailored formulas. We promise you’ll be pleased with the results if you trust the procedure.

    Continuous improvement

    Our in-house chemists are constantly researching, sourcing, and combining novel actives. Your custom formulas are updated in real time when new technology is introduced, ensuring that each order is better than the previous.

    Why is it helpful to mask before you shampoo?

    Before you wash your hair, the cuticle is more responsive to our soothing mask. It also aids your shampoo in providing a softer, irritation-free cleanse.

    A healthy scalp is the foundation for good hair. Our Scalp Mask is strong in active ingredients and has a micro-exfoliating texture to help restore balance and cleanse your scalp, leaving your skin soothed and revitalized without buildup or residue. It also thoroughly prepares your hair for the upcoming shampoo and conditioner.

    Our mask stands alone because it has a high concentration of natural actives and is tailored to your specific scalp concerns. It’s also freshly produced in order to keep the active ingredients potent. Furthermore, our Scalp Mask is only focused on scalp health, whilst most other formulas incorporate conditioning actives that aren’t suited for the scalp.


    Massaging your scalp is one of the best ways to care for scalp and hair health. Try to find time to incorporate a scalp mask into your routine today. Try Prose and accelerate your scalp health in the right direction. Complete our free online consultation today, and see what caring for your scalp can do.

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