Skincare in Your 30s: The Most Important Habits to Establish

Turning 30 is a major milestone — and, sometimes, a major adjustment. Your hormone levels are shifting, your schedule is increasingly busy and you’re trying to figure out how to embrace aging while also retaining your youthful glow.

Thankfully, it only takes a few small tweaks to go from relying on spontaneous acts of self-care to putting together a regimen that feels grown-up and yet totally doable.

In this guide to skincare in your 30s, we’ll look at the new habits worthy of a daily commitment and some products that can help your skin look and feel its best.

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    Top 5 Skincare Tips for Your 30s

    1. Pay More Attention to Ingredients and Technique

    Experts say those drugstore makeup wipes do more damage than good, drawing moisture out of your skin while spreading dirt and oil around your face instead of removing it. Instead, switch to a custom cleanser that’s gentle, effective and made with your skin type and needs in mind.

    While shopping, read through the ingredient list and get to know what you’re potentially putting on your face. Products that are free of parabens, mineral oils, GMOs, sulfates and phthalates and are created using cruelty-free methods are good for your body and better align with your values.

    2. Indulge in Regular Facial Massages

    Regular facial massages can help relax tight muscles and encourage proper circulation. This brings much-needed oxygen and nutrients to skin cells, decreasing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and illuminating your skin from within.

    You can schedule a professional massage or treat yourself at home, massaging your face and neck as part of your pre-bed routine.

    3. Trying Washing Your Face With Cold Water

    For years, we’ve been told to use warm water to wash our faces because the warmth helps open our pores and break down oil and dirt. But now some skin experts are saying that cold water may be the real winner — at least for some people.

    Washing (or at least rinsing) with cold water can prevent you from stripping away natural oils and accidentally overstimulating oil production that can lead to breakouts. Cool water also beats hot water for people with certain skin conditions, like rosacea, that can flare up when exposed to heat.

    If you struggle with breakouts and/or dry skin, try using lukewarm water to wash and then cool water for your final rinse.

    4. Pay Special Attention to Your Eyes, Décolletage and Neck

    Skincare shouldn’t be limited to your face. As we grow older, the delicate skin around our eyes and on our neck and chest begins to show signs of aging much faster than areas like our cheeks that have thicker skin and a cushion of fat underneath.

    Treat those “extra” areas with the same focus you use to cleanse and pamper your face. Instead of pushing extra moisturizer and face serums from your face downward, do separate applications to ensure your décolletage and neck get the attention they deserve.

    5. Consider Creating Different Routines for Morning and Night

    It’s okay to keep things simple by picking one routine and sticking to it. But if you have the time and energy, creating two regimens — one for morning and one for nighttime — can help you dial in your skincare even more.

    Your morning routine should focus on more lightweight products that are restorative and protect against the sun but can be used underneath your makeup.

    For your evening skincare routine, use your heavier serums and moisturizers to allow your skin to soak up hydration and nutrients while you sleep. No worries about makeup compatibility here — if a product you love leaves a bit of a film or stays tacky, you can just wipe it off when you cleanse in the morning.

    6. Ditch Late Nights in Favor of More Sleep

    While you sleep, your skin is quietly working to restore moisture and generate new cells. The longer you sleep, the more time your body has to undertake those important repairs. Try to swap one episode of your favorite show for an extra hour of sleep and see how you feel — and how your skin looks — as a result.

    How to Start Your Journey to Superior Skincare in Your 30s

    As you get busy building a new routine that’s perfect for skincare in your 30s, take the time to get rid of generic products and invest in cleansers, serums and moisturizers designed with quality and efficacy in mind. To get your own customized formula, take the Prose skin consultation today.

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