26 Spring Haircut Trends to Commit to in 2021

From salon visits for the trendy shag cut, to at-home buzz cuts in the bathroom, many folks are embracing drastic hair changes as we navigate a new normal. Below, you’ll find 26 spring haircut trends for 2021 to get you inspired to make the chop (or add in length)!

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    Spring haircut trends 


    From curtain bangs to curly bangs, to rounded bangs and wispy ones, bangs are having a huge moment in 2021, and we are 100% here for them. “Curtain bangs are a huge trend at the moment, due to being low maintenance and very versatile,” explains Faith Huffnagle, Director of Education at Prose. “Although these bangs are not impossible to do on your own (curtain bangs can be very forgiving if you happen to mess up), they’re best achieved by your stylist.” 

    Depending on your hair’s texture you may need a flat brush and blowdryer to smooth out bangs and create a slight bevel if hair is naturally curly, or a large round brush and blowdryer to create a bend if hair is naturally straight. “If your bang needs a bit of hold, grab a lightweight hairspray to finish or use a powder dry shampoo in the warmer months to combat hair separation,” says Huffnagle. “The less products on bangs, the better, since this is the part of your hair that can fall flat if hair becomes too oily.”

    The shag and mullet

    According to Huffnagle, a mullet and a shag cut are very similar. “Mullets can be more extreme, with an emphasis of long hair only being in the back—both can be achieved using any tool but typically cut with a razor or shears depending on the hair’s natural texture and your desired look.”

    The shag haircut typically consists of piecey layers around the top (or crown) of the head for lift and volume, around the face frame for texture and dimension,  all the way down to the chin or below (depending on the length of hair). “Products that work best in volumizing  shags and mullets are powder dry shampoo, texturizing sprays, volume mousse, or hairsprays,” says Huffnagle. “Products that work best in adding definition to the ends for texture are pomades, texture pastes, and hair balms.”

    The bob

    According to Huffnagle, bobs will always be in style because of its versatility with any hair texture. “To achieve a bob, the possibilities are limitless—stylists will use clippers, shears, and razors, depending on hair texture and your end goal,” she says. “As long as the shape is balanced, really anything goes.”

    Embracing natural hair

    “With access to so much free content and information online, more women have decided to learn about their hair and work with their own texture,” explains Huffnagle. “The internet has been great at guiding many naturalistas with valuable information while creating a community that shares in the same personal journey.”

    Depending on where someone is in their journey, processed hair will usually be cut off to expose its natural texture and density. “As hair becomes stronger, its curl pattern becomes more predictable and can be easily manipulated with different products and tools,” says Huffnagle. “Keeping chemicals, harsh ingredients, and heat away from natural hair is the best way to maintain optimal health.”

    Long hair and layers

    Long layers are another style that will never lose momentum, mostly due to the fact that it is very low maintenance, according to Huffnagle. “For those looking to grow their hair longer with layers, reducing exposure to heat and chemicals is a great way to start retaining length,” suggests Huffnagle. “For those with really long hair looking to maintain hair health, ensure that your hair is trimmed and reshaped every three to five months.”

    Low maintenance styles

    For those who just don’t have time to style their hair daily, low maintenance haircuts are always a great option. “Low maintenance hair will always be in, but especially in a time like the present when more people are working from home, as it’s easier to try new hairstyles and be a bit more daring,” explains Huffnagle.

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