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Stylist Q&A: Celebrity Hair Stylist Ericka Verrett Talks Bowlcuts and Being Your Best Self

August 26, 2019

1 Min read

When it comes to all things hair, who better to consult than the professionals themselves. They know all the in’s and out’s on hair trends, what works best for each individual hair type and can offer advice on the looks and hair care that best fit your unique lifestyle.

In this series, we chat with our favorite hair professionals to learn just that. They talk to us about hair tips that work, the advice they give their clients and their career journey.

Meet Ericka Verrett: A Los Angeles-based hairstylist who counts Miranda Kerr, Katherine McPhee, Jamie King and Ashleigh Cummings (as well as a host of other celebrity beauties) as her clients. From picture-perfect weddings to magazine covers and the Met Gala, Verrett has worked hard to establish herself as a tastemaker whose hands decide what’s in and what’s out in hair.

When did you first know you wanted to become a hair stylist?

I can't say that I wanted to do hair per se, but I knew I wanted to work at a salon around the age of five. My mom had a salon, and I spent a lot of time there observing how things worked and watching people perfect their craft.

What steps did you take to establish yourself as a hair stylist?

I signed up for cosmetology school the minute I was able to. After that, I got my license and started assisting at a salon. When I graduated, I knew that I had to start networking and build a solid clientele to get my name out there.

When did you know that you made the right career choice?

I started to notice that a lot of my clients were complaining to me, their hairdresser, that they felt drained and stuck in their 9-5s with no lives and little to no freedom. Meanwhile, I felt lucky, free, and grateful that I had control over my schedule. Besides, I get to demonstrate my creativity every day and send people out into the world with my signature—that’s empowering.

What keeps you motivated?

Other artists in this industry keep me motivated. Seeing what my peers can (and have) accomplished makes me want to be better. That, and having children at a young age helped me know what I wanted out of life, and to keep my eye on the prize.

What is the best advice you can give to stylists starting out in this industry?

1. Education, education, education. 2. Keep an open mind! 3. Learn your craft and be your best damn self. 4. Take risks.

What haircut needs to make a comeback?

Bowl cuts on all babies!

Who are your hair icons, and why?

I am a big fan of hair care innovators—the people behind the scenes influencing how we see and relate to our hair. I’m especially fond of Oribe Canales. He was responsible for some of my favorite fashion stories and iconic looks. I remember feeling so inspired by who he was and his career that I decided to make a change from salon life to set life. It was the best decision I’ve ever made, and it taught me that there is such a thing as the rebirth of a career within the same industry.

What hair myths need to be debunked?

That one stylist can’t cut & color equally. Why can’t someone be great at both?!

What is your signature hair styling tip?

Do what works with your lifestyle. Don’t fight your natural texture, enhance it!

What’s your go-to hairstyle when you’re short on time?

Being a working mother, I’m always short on time. My signature style is my natural wavy, air-dried, often unwashed locks. If they get in the way, I put my hair in a low bun at the nape of my neck.

What makes being a hair stylist unique?

Stylists hold a lot of power. We get to see people at the top of their games, and their rock bottom. We have a unique platform to help people both internally and externally. It’s not always about the hair. It’s about building relationships.



Amber Alston is a New York-based beauty and culture writer whose work has appeared in Office Magazine, Bullett Magazine and others. A storyteller by nature, her work frames urban life, fashion, and beauty around specific histories and cultures. In addition to writing, Amber also styles and conceptualizes fashion shoots. Follow her on Twitter or Instagram.

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