Root Source™ Gets a Sustainable Upgrade with New Refill Pouches

The Prose Root Source™ you know and love has gotten a sustainable upgrade. Prose supplements now come in 100% compostable refill pouches for heather hair and a healthier planet. This brand new refills system cuts down on carbon and waste thanks to the addition of light and compostable refill pouches. Read on to learn how refills work in tandem with your Root Source™ supplements.

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    The DL on Root Source™

    Root Source™ hair supplements cater to your unique needs to help you grow your best hair. Along with being dermatologist and toxicologist approved, Root Source™ underwent testing yielding these impressive results: 

    Real results from supplements

    You’ve seen the numbers, now take a look at three customer’s before and after photos. We love seeing all the new growth they’ve experienced so far! 

    “It took two years for me to recover from my postpartum hair loss from my first born. After using Root Source™ I saw these amazing results within only two months after having my second child!!!” – Amanda

    “I definitely feel like my hair is a bit thicker and I am losing less hair than I typically do. My baby hairs are clearly longer as well!” – Jasleen

    “The quality of the new hair coming in has improved. It feels like stronger, healthier hair—and it’s not frizzy like the new growth I was getting before.” – Shana

    How refills work with your Prose subscription

    Our dissovable corn foam in action 

    The corn foam that protects your supplements dissolves easily in water. It can also be composted, burned as a fireplace or grill starter, and added to a watering can as plant food. 

    Five ways our refill pouches hit our sustainability standards

    1. Cuts down on carbon 

    By eliminating heavier glass jars, our ultra-light refills are automatically sent in month two, to lower our carbon footprint by 75%. 

    2. Minimizes waste 

    Our refill pouches are 100% compostable and will decompose into nutrient-rich compost rather than wasting away in a landfill. 

    3. Starts with a cleaner source

    The pouch’s compostable materials are made from bio-based sources, not petroleum-based materials, making their lifecycle cleaner. 

    4. Eliminates single-use packaging 

    Thanks to the compostable nature of our refills pouches, we can avoid adding to ever growing landfill piles which are a major source of greenhouse gas emissions. 

    5. Brings nutrients back to soil 

    Composting is regenerative and provides a nutrient-rich output that can be used to grow healthy crops. A win-win. 

    *Double blind clinical study vs. placebo related to our proprietary blend performed on 60 subjects during 12 weeks. 

    **Results of a 3-month in-house study of Prose 2-step hair growth program performed on 69 subjects. Results may vary.