Beauty Vlogger Tara is the Big Sister You Always Wanted

I’m Brooklyn-based now, but I grew up in Ireland and all during school I knew that I wasn’t going to have a typical job—I definitely had a bit of a rebellious streak. I ended up kind of falling into the industry I’m in today when it was first being established. I remember when I was about eighteen the first wave of beauty gurus popped up on YouTube. I really enjoyed learning how to do my makeup and found it fascinating that I could learn so much from home.

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    Then, my first job ended up being in beauty. I was completely self taught and would do people’s makeup on the side while I was a student. I soon had the thought, you know what, I’m an only child and love talking to myself all the time anyway, maybe I’ll make a video and post it. I’m not sure where my confidence came from because growing up I always wanted to draw the least amount of attention to myself as possible. I already felt so different, so I’m not sure what possessed me to start posting videos online, but I did.

    Real from the start

    I’d make videos every day between study breaks and on the weekends. I had a thirst for sharing all the little things I had learned online or just life tidbits—even early on before I had a larger audience. There wasn’t a word for vlogging at the time, but that’s what I was doing. I’m big into constantly being stimulated and learning and I find my industry an interesting place for personal growth. So, even though I kind of fell into it, I’m happy to be here.


    During my vlogs, I really try to have meaningful conversations about whatever’s on my mind and always try to speak directly to the person who’s watching. I want my audience to feel as connected to me as possible and like they’re a part of my life. From relationship ups and downs to any other emotional, personal bits I go through, I try to share them with the collective. I know if I’m feeling a certain way and am needing to vent, there’s probably a bunch of other people who are feeling the same way and will ultimately feel comforted by my vulnerability. Connecting with people on a personal level is my favorite part of creating content. It’s always what keeps me coming back. I of course love the more superficial parts of my job too, like having fun talking about beauty and clothes, but the emotional connections are more dear to me. I aim for an overall good, big sister vibe on my channels.

    Pockets of joy

    As far as self-care goes, I think during the pandemic we all found ways to center and connect with ourselves. There felt like there was even more of an emphasis on mental health than before. For me, going to the park was essential. Just getting outside and spending two or three hours sunbathing, writing, reading, and feeling the grass between my toes did wonders. It was a bit of escapism that I really needed.


    I also just love making things beautiful. I’m a very tactile person, so the medium doesn’t matter as long as I can get my hands on something. If other people are involved, I feel even more motivated to create. For example, I love cooking for others and making videos for other people. It’s kind of like a little gift from me to you. Like I said, honestly any medium is for me, as long as I feel there’s room to grow within it. That’s definitely a theme in my life: continuous growth.

    Pamper essentials 

    When it comes to my beauty routine I am definitely low maintenance. That’s why I make sure to use good products that work hard. I’d much rather use fewer, good quality products, from hair care to makeup, that really make a difference as opposed to a lot of products paired with a high maintenance routine. After moving to New York and seeing how the girls value effortless beauty, I’ve brought a lot of that minimalism into my own routine.


    However, I do love a good pamper day from home. Ideally I’d grab coffee and a great meal to take home then have a date night with myself in my loft. I’ll go all out and light candles and put on my diffuser. Then I’ll either watch a movie or take a bath. Even just listening to music and zoning out for a little bit is one of my favorite things to do.

    Signature hair

    I also enjoy having a day where I do the most with my beauty routine. For example, I’ll wash my hair, do a mask, and apply all my good skincare. One of my favorite ways to style my hair are my heatless waves. It’s not a technique I originated but I have found that it works really well for my hair type. My hair is quite coarse, can be a little frizzy, and is somewhere in between poker straight and wavy. I used to dye my hair platinum blonde, which damaged my naturally dark hair so much. There came a point where it was so far gone, I was upset and couldn’t believe that I had done that to my hair. So at that point is when I decided I needed to be good to my hair and use the best products possible. Heatless waves are a great way to style my hair while avoiding any heat damage, plus it adheres to my low maintenance style. I think there’s a heatless waves hairstyle out there for everyone, it’s just a matter of using the right products to suit your actual hair type. Knowing how to work with your texture and also finding something that works well with the kind of climate you live in is important.

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    Right now I’m very into the nineties claw clip hairstyle with two tendrils in the front, like Rachel from Friends. It’s been tough to find a clip big enough to fit all of my hair up into, so I’m still on the hunt for that. But, overall nineties hair is definitely what I’m loving at the moment. Plus, having your hair up and off your shoulders is perfect for hot summer days or nights on a dance floor, something I’m really looking forward to getting back to.