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The Best Wedding Hair Styles For Short Hair

August 29, 2018

1 Min read

There are many creative ways to style short hair on your wedding day. From glam accessories to romantic curls, the small details will help you completely up your hair game.


Hair accessories add the perfect touch to any look. They can take a simple hairstyle and make it look as delicate or as elegant as you like.

Pro Tip: Let your accessory work double-duty: If you are looking to tuck back smaller pieces of hair that you don’t want in your face all day long, choose a hair clip that compliments your dress or veil.



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Soft Curls

Soft curls can be delicate and airy or texturized for flirtier look.




Half-up, Half-down

This style looks great tousled and on the messier side but can be dressed up by adding accessories or details, like braids and twists.




Side Part

The side part adds a touch of vintage glam and looks gorgeous no matter your hair texture or how it’s styled.



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For those with locks that don’t quite reach your shoulders, pinning it back with bobby pins and dainty accessories is a great option. Those with slightly longer locks can opt for a tousled bun or sleek updo.




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Whether chunky or delicate, braids are a playful and charming accessory to any style. They can be purely decorative, or functional as braids can add volume to give you fuller looking hair.


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Having healthy hair on your wedding day is just as important as the hairstyle you choose. To find out what ingredients you need for healthier, shiner locks on your big day, take our consultation here.



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