What Is “Glass Skin” and How Can You Get It?

If your social media feeds are full of the latest skincare trends, you’ve probably heard of glass skin. Originating in South Korea, the term refers to a complexion characterized by a bright and dewy skin tone. 

But what makes glass skin so ideal, and how do you get it for yourself? Here’s everything you need to know about the trend, including how to upgrade your routine to achieve it. 

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    What Is Glass Skin? 

    Glass skin goes beyond hydration or an even skin tone. A person with glass skin has a complexion so smooth and lustrous that it looks glassy, giving the term its name. 

    Over the past few years, glass skin has become the ideal largely due to how inherently healthy it appears. Poreless and nearly transparent, glass skin appears naturally glowing and youthful. But if you weren’t born with a perfect complexion, how can you attain it?

    How to Get Glass Skin

    There’s no universally accepted method of getting glass skin. But the truth is, anyone can achieve this coveted glassy complexion. 

    Here are some skincare tips commonly found in glass skin methods. Incorporate these into your routine and, over time, watch as your complexion grows impossibly luminous and dewy. 


    A staple technique of K-beauty routines, double-cleansing helps eliminate the sunscreen, grease and makeup your skin accumulates throughout the day. This makes your follow-up products—like moisturizer and serum—more effective, as they aren’t blocked by any left-behind grime. 

    To double-cleanse, start with an oil-based cleanser or micellar water. This will begin to detox your pores without stripping away your skin’s natural oils. After the initial cleanse, follow up with your second cleanser for thoroughly clean pores. Opt for a gentle face wash here to avoid drying out your skin—a Custom Cleanser like Prose’s can ensure you get the right formula for your skin type. 

    Exfoliate Regularly

    Consistent exfoliation helps unclog pores and eliminate dead skin cells for that ultra-smooth complexion that characterizes glass skin. 

    Both physical and chemical exfoliators will work here, depending on your preference and skin type. Just make sure you don’t overdo it. Limit your exfoliation to two or three nights per week to prevent irritation. 

    Hydrate in Layers

    To get glass skin, a single moisturizer typically isn’t enough. For an extra layer of hydration, turn to toners. 

    Modern toners aren’t as drying as they once were. Now, they’re an ideal source of moisture that doubles as a primer for the rest of your skincare routine. Take it a step further by applying a water-based essence after toning to increase moisture retention.

    Even Things Out With a Serum

    Serums are powerful tools in any skincare routine. For glass skin, use serums to even out parts of your complexion that aren’t addressed with the previous steps. 

    Struggle with blemishes? Opt for a serum with amino acids. Looking to brighten your skin? A vitamin C serum might do the trick. Prose’s Custom Serum can help you target your skin’s unique needs and get the glass skin you’re looking for. Finish things off with a hydrating moisturizer like this custom one from Prose, which is tailored to your skin type for the best results. 

    Don’t Forget SPF

    Keeping your skin protected can help you lock in the effects of your glass skin routine. No matter the weather, apply sunscreen after moisturizing each morning. To really get the glassy look, skip mattifying sunscreens in favor of one with a dewy finish. 

    Nourish Your Body

    Truly healthy skin starts from within. To keep your skin clear and glassy, make sure you maintain a healthy diet and stay hydrated. Take it one step further by adding supplements to your routine.

    Care for Yourself 

    Your mental health can also have an impact on your skin. Practicing self-care can help contribute to glassy, blemish-free skin. Turn your skincare routine into a form of self-love to boost your mental health while attaining glass skin. Finding products that meet your skin’s unique needs is the key to getting glass skin. And at Prose, custom-made skincare is our specialty. Take the skin consultation today to start formulating your perfect routine.

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