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Prose’s Head of R&D on Why Your Supplements Should be Customized

April 6, 2021

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There are two tenants of holistic beauty that no one will argue with. The first is that beauty is fostered from the inside out. The second is that every single person is unique. With these seemingly fundamental truths in mind, Root Source™ was born. Prose’s VP of R&D, Marie Mignon, explains below why your hair supplements should be customized and how Prose Root Source™ can help grow your hair to new lengths.

A custom approach to hair supplements

Root Source™ is a dermatologist-approved custom hair supplement created to address your unique needs and hair goals. By targeting the “root” cause, Root Source™ skips the band-aid solution that so many topical treatments provide, and works to balance the foundation of your scalp and hair health with natural ingredients*.

The science of Root Source™ is that its curated ingredient combinations not only acknowledge and champion your individuality, but act as a leverage to a more powerful, effective solution. Simply put, what you need is not going to be the same as the next person. For example, depending on where you live, you may need help curbing the effects of geo-aggressors like UV-rays or pollutants. Factors like age and hair type also affect our hair health, and vary from person to person. Diet is another element that needs to be taken into account. For example, someone who eats an unbalanced diet may not get all essential nutrients and could need an extra dose of structural hair support in the form of biotin.


What goes into your Prose is just as good as what you get out of it.

These palpable variables call for custom solutions, but so do the intangible aspects of our lives, like stress. “Anxiety and psychological stress result in the production of free radicals. Moreover it was demonstrated that the overproduction of free radicals creates an oxidative stress involved in several behavioral disorders such as anxiety and stress that can lead to hair shedding,” Mignon explains. While Root Source™ cannot draw you a bath or pay for your therapist, ingredients like saffron extract can help mitigate the effects that stress has on hair health with its powerful antioxidant properties. And that’s just one of the ingredients to be excited about. When developing a custom program with Root Source™, you can expect a long list of nature’s best kept secrets packaged up in two capsule pills, just for you. “Root Source™ is a 2 capsules-a-day system made of capsules and softgels. The capsules have a harder exterior that houses powdered ingredients, customized with the actives needed to rebalance the scalp. The softgels are filled with PureCatalyst™ our proprietary blend made up with millet seed extract, wheat oil and coriander oil, that is clinically proven to reduce hair shedding and shown effective to promote hair growth,” Mignon explains*.

How to get started

So, how does Root Source™ know exactly what ingredients to package up? Prose’s no-sweat online consultation will take you through a series of questions. The results of your consultation are analyzed for factors that impact hair and scalp health, “The consultation will help carefully identify all the factors that may impact hair and scalp health and cause hair shedding, such as geo-aggressors, stress, diet, age, special hair treatment, and scalp sensitivity,” Mignon notes. To address these factors, custom selections are made from a well rounded arsenal of powerhouse ingredients. And of course, what you want matters too. If you’re looking for shine, growth, or hair shedding reduction, ingredients will also be selected accordingly*.


Think of us as your partner in haircare. Start with our innovative consultation.

When you’re taking the consultation, you may ask yourself, how can I be sure I’m correctly assessing my own hair and habits? Like so many other beauty routines, this is where observation and self awareness come in. Is your scalp dry or oily? Take a clear and honest look at your life and habits. Are you exposed to chlorine, wear extensions, or bleach often? Many times hair reacts to changes in environment or hormone levels. Recent puberty, birth, or menopause are also something to report. And if you’re still not sure, our pro tips will help you out along the way.

You bring the desire to give your hair what it deserves, we bring the years of research and the custom ingredients. Et voila, the road to happy, healthy hair is paved with Root Source™, a custom supplement that leverages the power of your unique beauty and nourishes it from within. We wouldn’t want it any other way!

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



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