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Why Custom Hair Care Will Solve All Your Hair Needs

August 23, 2018

1 Min read

Your unique hair calls for unique hair care. One that addresses your chameleon approach to hair color, your morning sweat sessions and that has that just-right ingredient to solve for the hard water in your apartment. That’s why, when it comes to hair care, we’ve thrown the one-size-fits-most approach out the window.

Through an online consultation, we learn your hair needs and goals, and then we take it one step further and consider your styling habits, diet and exercise routines and even your environment. With that information, we’ll then add in your unique combination of ingredients to keep your hair at its healthiest. In fact, the combinations are (almost) limitless with 50 billion possible outcomes.

Protection for all styling habits

Let’s face it. Some of the ways we love to style our hair look great but can cause major stress on our hair and, over time, can lead to damage. However, with the proper hair care products you can continue to use your favorite heat tools and try the latest color trends while still preserving the integrity of your hair. At Prose, we listen to you and understand exactly what you’re doing to ensure your formulas have the correct active ingredients. For those who regularly use a curling iron, we would include ingredients like grape seed extract and sunflower seed oil for heat protection.

Maintaining health after chemical treatments

From platinum blonde dye jobs to perms (yes, they’re back!), our hair goes through a lot. Healthy, virgin hair has a strong cuticle to protect it, but after a few chemical treatments it starts to break down. This is why treated hair is more prone to breakage and unruliness. Fortunately, you can continue to change up your hair as often as you want (with your stylist’s approval, of course!) as long as you give your hair the proper TLC. Your Prose consultation takes into account all that you’re doing and each time you reorder, we’ll ask you to update us on any new hair adventures so we can pack your formula with the right ingredients.

Defense against environmental geo-aggressors

By taking in the zip code, our algorithm will ensure your custom formula can combat hair-damaging geo-aggressors. Factors like pollution, the quality of water that you wash your hair with, UV exposure, humidity, and even the wind current in your location should be taken into account. Your formula will then adapt throughout the year to address seasonal changes, meaning that your products will address different concerns in January than in August. And it makes complete sense. If you live in the California desert, you dress differently than someone who lives in rainy Oregon. Similarly, you should protect your hair differently from one zip code to the next.

Working with your exercise routine

Like your skin, hair is affected by how you sweat, whether it’s outdoors on the beach or indoors at pilates. How you might ask? If you’re washing your hair after each workout, you could be overwashing, which can, ironically, lead to more sebum production while simultaneously drying out stands. Or, water athletes could be overexposed to chlorine or salt water. The good news is we’ve got you covered. Prose formulas can be equipped with hyaluronic acid to help keep hair moisturized or even coconut and karanja oils to protect against harmful UV rays for outdoor fitness fans.

Taking into account your preferences

When creating our products we think about different communities that require hair care tailored to their lifestyles, and that includes personal preferences. This can range from dietary preferences, like being vegan, to whether or not someone prefers to have silicones or fragrance included in their formula. At Prose, it’s all about choice.

Custom hair care not only celebrates the beautiful diversity of hair types, textures and colors, but also allows for individuals to use products tailored to their lifestyle and preferences. And who wouldn’t want that?

Ever wonder how your diet and exercise habits can affect your hair care? Take our consultation to see the unique ingredients in your custom formula.



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  1. Hello, merry christmas!
    I Just recently got my custom made order, and tried it out for the first time, and absolutely fell in love with how soft and shiny my hair was In a looong time. I Was traveling to see family (and made sure to pack My bottles in my check-in luggage) but my husband repacked My bags and insisted he kept them in the right luggage so they wOuldnt get confiscated… and guess what happened? He moved them and forgot about it, and they got confiscated!
    I know its a bit presumptuous to even ask, but iS there any way i might get at least a discount on the Order i only Used once? If not i understand!

    1. Hi Ryann! Oh my gosh, that’s the worst! Please contact our Customer Service team at if you ever have an issue like this again! So happy to hear that Prose made a difference in just one wash!

    1. Hi Cassie! Don’t we all? Check out our article, Pro Tips on How to Grow Your Hair Faster and Longer, to learn how to achieve your long hair goals!

      1. Hi Emily! I just ordered my prose set last week, and I cannot wait to try it!! I am usually very sceptical of products advertised on facebook, but after reading reviews on facebook and other websites, i decided it was worth a try and if it doesnt work for me, you have a fair return policy. I will let you know how i like it. I am afraid to get too excited, i dont want to be disappointed! I will let you know how i like it once i have used it for a week or two.. Thanks! I tried to find your pro tips on how to grow your hair faster and longer article as mentioned above, but I wasnt able to find it. can you send me the link please? Thank you!~Michele

        1. Hi Michele! Just click here to access the article I mentioned to you! So excited to hear about your hair journey with Prose!

    1. Hi Cindy! By default, our formulas contain a water-dispersible silicone that provides all the smoothness you want without any heaviness or buildup. If you still prefer silicone-free, that’s not a problem! Select “Silicone-Free” during your consultation, and your formulas will be produced with our natural silicone alternative.

    1. Hi Tova! Prose’s consultation ensures that each custom formula is tailored to the individual, helping with even the most difficult hair!

    1. Hi Cindy! Our pre-shampoo mask is $38 while our shampoo and conditioner are $25 each. Thank you for your interest!

    1. Hi Rachel! Yes, our products are completely free of animal testing. We feel very strongly about not testing on our furry friends and are a PETA-approved cruelty-free company. As for vegan, we do offer the option to make your formulas vegan. Just be sure to select “Vegan” in the ingredient preferences section of the consultation.

  2. I have fine short hair it gets a bit oily After half a day of work or working out or even after a day plus of not washing.

    1. Hi Amber! Prose takes into consideration numerous factors when creating your formula, including your hair length, sebum levels, and how often you work out. So, all of the concerns that you’ve listed will be addressed during your consultation!

    1. Hi Tashia! Our pre-shampoo mask is $38 and our shampoo and conditioner are $25 each. We’re excited to hear about your interest!

  3. hair is very light brown every other month I color it it’s very brittle every time I brush it falls out very straight very very oily sometimes and I don’t wash it a lot or the other month I wash it but I can do about it

    1. Hi Lola! Prose’s consultation ensures that each custom formula is tailored to the individual, helping with even the most difficult hair. I suggest giving Prose a try as it will address the concerns that you have voiced!

    1. Hi Amy! We do have a subscription service available, but it is not required! Feel free to order your Prose whenever you please. Thanks!

  4. Hi i RECEIVED my prose shampoo and conditioner but i DIDN’T find the pump. Is there any possibility of getting it as i am having problem using the product. I used the shampoo and conditionEr couple of times , Though i feel my hair soft, smooth and less Split ends but i am Worried about hair loss and itchy scalp which i feel is more than before. Could you please address my concern?

  5. Hi! How do You know the ingredients before wondering? Do they have any toxic chemicals in it? Parabens, Synthetic Fragances, phalates etc?

    1. Hi Elvita! Prose is happy to be sulfate-, paraben-, phthalate-, and mineral oil-free.We put careful thought into what goes in your formula and are committed to selecting both natural and man made ingredients that meet our high standards in clean beauty. Your custom filled products are perfectly safe!

      Also, we offer two 100% natural fragrances, “Napoli ” and “Botanica.” Our other fragrances do currently include man made ingredients, but are always completely phthalate-free and free of formaldehyde releasers . If you are interested in 100% natural fragrance, we recommend choosing Napoli or Botanica or opting for fragrance-free. Thank you!

  6. I lost a lot of hair using prose shampoo. My hair used to become oily every second day after a head bath. So I used custom formula from prose for one whole cycle. With every wash, I lost a lot of hair on the front side of my face which I only realized later slowly that it’s because of the shampoo. I thought it was expensive and not worth it. My money wasted, and hair lost. Never getting back here :/

    1. Hi! We recommend using your Pre-Shampoo Hair Mask on the midshafts to ends of hair 🙂

      -Keely, Prose Community Manager

  7. I’m wondering….. is there a way to experience the different fragrances that we get to choose? It was hard to make a decision.

    1. Hi Julia, we don’t have the option to sample our fragrances at the moment but that is a great suggestion and something we will share back with our team!

      -Keely, Prose Community Manager