5 Reasons To Use A Scalp Scrub

We exfoliate the skin on our face and body, but what about the scalp? Home to our precious hair follicles, the scalp is a delicate ecosystem that needs TLC, too. Depending on how often you wash your hair, a weekly or biweekly scalp scrub can help balance and support the naturally occurring microorganisms (yeast and bacteria—the good kind!) on your scalp, as well as help you reach all your hair goals. Let’s dive into the top five reasons to add a scalp scrub to your hair wash routine, and the incredible benefits you’ll see as a result.

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    1. To remove buildup and excess oil

    Buildup can occur naturally and/or from hair products. Especially if you stretch time between washes, a natural buildup of oils, dead skin, and dirt can cake up on the scalp. Meanwhile, products that leave residue, like dry shampoo, or have a sticky consistency, like mousse and hairspray, can also accumulate as buildup. That’s why a scalp scrub, with its exfoliating and detoxifying ingredients, is so important to break down and remove buildup before you go in with shampoo and conditioner. We love ingredients like jujube bark, bamboo clay, and jojoba beads (which are naturally biodegradable) to cleanse, detoxify, and exfoliate away buildup—which is why they’re all ingredients chosen for our custom pre-shampoo scalp mask formula.

    2. To relieve a dry, flaky scalp

    A dry, flaky scalp is more than skin deep—it’s visible and it can hurt our self-esteem as well as our hair health. A natural, nourishing scalp scrub can gently loosen dead skin without irritation while simultaneously hydrating and moisturizing dry, itchy skin. CBD powder, grapefruit oil, and pro-vitamin B are a few of the ingredients we recommend for hydrating and soothing an inflamed scalp. However, if you experience dryness and flakiness from conditions like psoriasis, acne, eczema, it’s best to consult a dermatologist about the best solution for you.

    3. To balance the scalp microbiome 

    Your scalp microbiome is like a perfectly composed choire of microorganisms (aka good bacteria and yeast) singing in harmony. But problems arise when one type of bacteria overpowers the others and the harmony is thrown off balance. Some causes of an imbalanced scalp microbiome are overwashing, harsh chemicals like sulfates, and buildup. Scalp scrub ingredients like kombucha and prebiotics can aid in a healthy scalp microbiome, while choosing natural, sulfate-free hair products is the best prevention.

    4. To promote healthy hair growth and shinier strands

    Think of your hair like a bed of flowers and the scalp as the soil bed that all those beautiful buds spring forth from. If your soil is clogged with debris and dead leaves, it’s harder for things to grow. Using a scalp scrub keeps dead skin, buildup, and oil at bay so hair follicles can sprout up and grow longer, stronger, and shinier.

    5. Last but not least: For self-care!

    Let’s not forget that an added benefit of using a scalp scrub is that you get to give yourself a scalp massage while breathing in gentle scents from ingredients like grapefruit and eucalyptus oil. Taking that extra minute to soothe yourself and support your hair and scalp health is pure self-care. And if you want to follow it up with a post-shower face mask and a glass of wine, then all we have to say is brava, friend!

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