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Trending Now: The Wolf Cut for Curly Hair

May 27, 2022

2 Min read

Over the past year the wolf cut has been absolutely everywhere. From social media, to celebrities, to runway models, it’s pretty clear the wolf cut is a fan favorite. If you haven’t been on TikTok, or just simply haven’t seen it, the wolf cut is a modernized combination of the shag and the mullet. Unlike the classic mullet cut, the wolf cut has more even layers and frames the face and then gradually tapers into longer layers. It’s closer to the shag than it is to the structure of the mullet but tends to have choppier layers than a classic shag cut. Now, it’s showing how versatile it is on all hair types, especially curly hair.

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The wolf cut pulls from classic ‘70s and ‘80s styles and is said to have originated from South Korea. Not only is the wolf cut incredibly versatile and generally low-maintenance but it’s also perfect for anyone that may want the edginess of a mullet without fully committing to the chop. We’ve been seeing it more and more recently and if you have been thinking about trying out this hairstyle and you have curly hair, you might be surprised to learn that it’s actually perfect for people with curly hair. Because the style takes out so much weight in the top layers, it makes your cut feel lighter and less thick and allows your texture to really wiggle and move. 

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