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How To Choose Your Best Fall Color

October 4, 2018

1 Min read

As summer fades into your rearview mirror, those beachy highlights may start to feel a little faded too. Along with new boots, cozy sweaters, and deeper lip and nail colors, chillier weather typically calls for an updated hair hue. Unlike years past, however, the season’s hottest hair color shades are not necessarily warmer or redder. Rather, this year’s fall palette is exceedingly natural—and, even better, easy to maintain.

Fall Color Trend: Shadow Roots

How to:

This subtle, ombre-like technique is the perfect way to transition from the allover, aforementioned beachy streaks to a richer autumn-appropriate tone, without totally erasing your summer highlights. Most colorists achieve this laid-back look by using a demi-permanent color in a shade close to your natural color to better blend root regrowth. As for your leftover sun streaks? Leave those alone. The effect: Your overall hue appears deeper and richer but you still have the skin-brightening effect of sunny color by your face.

Fall Color Trend: Tortoise Shell

How to:

This color is typically achieved by starting with a chocolatey base (courtesy of your natural hue or a single process color) swirled with gold. Using a tinted glaze, rather than permanent color, is the easiest, most natural-looking way to subtly gild your strands. A gold-tinted glaze will grow out gracefully, so upkeep is minimal, and regrowth is usually nearly undetectable.

Fall Color Trend: Cool Tones

How to:

After a summer spent enjoying the outdoors, it’s not unusual to enter September with golden-red tones slivering through your strands. And while a little gilding is good (see Tortoise Shell, above)—too much can look too brassy. If your hair veers toward the orangey end of the spectrum, cooling it down a bit may be the ticket. For blondes, using an ashy toner plus silvery highlights will keep you bright sans the brass. For darker or redder hair, a demi-permanent color in a plum tone will counteract any orange, while still keeping your color rich (think mahogany or merlot).

Pro Tip: To maintain your new icy hue, use a purple shampoo once a week.

Fall Color Trend: Babylights

How to:

The perfect way to perk up brown color: super-subtle highlights, painted on, balayage-style about three inches from your scalp. These understated streaks will add sparkle without looking too summery—and they won’t require constant upkeep. AKA: You’ll never feel like your roots are growing in.


Now that you know what fall hue is right for you, don’t forget to complement your new color with hair care made especially for chemically-treated tresses. Prose formulas for processed hair are typically infused with nourishing, color-sustaining ingredients, such as Oat Lipids and Sunflower Seed extract. Get started on your customized collection here.



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