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5 Easy Changes You Can Make to Your Strands That Will Have You Feeling Brand New

January 11, 2019

1 Min read

Each year brings a fresh start and new beginnings. Whether you are striving for a healthier lifestyle or just searching for a temporary change in appearance, your hair is a great place to start. Here, a few easy changes you can make to your hair to freshen up your look or to keep it looking shiny, healthy, and strong all year.

Go Short & Freshen Up Your Look

If you are up for it, the first hair change you can try is to chop it all off, especially if your strands look and feel dry, or if there is evidence of split ends and breakage. Cutting your strands to a healthier length will freshen up your look and your ends. It’s also an opportunity to start over and take better care of your ends and scalp. That way, if you choose to grow out your strands, you’ll have a fresh start. Although, you may love your shorter ‘do and prefer to keep your new healthier length.

If you’re chopping hair that hasn’t been dyed, consider donating your locks to an organization that creates wigs for those in need. It’s the perfect way to literally lift some weight off your shoulders, while giving someone else happy hair days.

Our favorite short styles this year:

  1. Grown-out textured pixie cut
  2. Jaw-length cut
  3. Blunt bob


Switch Up Your Hair Color

The new year has no limits. Go for a drastic color change you’ve always wanted or just add subtle highlights  If permanent dye is too much of a commitment, try a temporary or wash-out dye.

Our favorite hair color trends for the year:

  1. Honey Blonde
  2. Shadow Roots
  3. Pastels


Take Good Care

From the city you live in and your workout routine to how often you wash and detangle your hair, down to the pillow where you lay your head to rest, there are many factors that can lead to damage. Too much heat, over-dyeing and -processing can cause long term damage to our strands and scalp that can result in dry hair, split ends, and other major issues. Minimizing the amount of stress our locks go through daily will ensure your hair and scalp are healthy and strong. A great way to start is by using the right products and ingredients to protect when heat styling, coloring, and constant exposure to geo aggressors. Making sure you are eating a well balanced diet with enough protein and nutrients also helps promote healthier strands. Find more tips on how to combat lifestyle factors that can damage your strands here.


Try Something New

Being creative and adventurous with your hairstyles takes time and lots of creativity or a great deal of online digging and Pinterest boards. A great way to switch up your look this year without a dramatic hair color transformation or chop is by trying a new hairstyle everyday. Experimenting with different styles and looks will help you find the ones you feel most confident in. If one of your New Year resolution was to try something new each day, this is the perfect way to do so.


A few of our favorite hairstyles include:

Curly Faux-hawk updo

French Pull-Through braid

Chic Chignon

Half-Up Pull-Through Braid

Pipe Braid

Accessorized with Bobbi Pins

Protective Styles


Don’t Forget the TLC Treatments

Reducing heat, wearing protective hairstyles, cutting down on processing, and treating your strands with care are all amazing ways to achieve healthier strands. For an added boost, treatments are the way to go. They are a great to show our hair we care. Depending on your hairs needs and your goals, different treatments apply. Apply to your strands at least once a week to notice a huge improvement in no time.

Our favorite activities to do during masking:

  • While reading a good book
  • While soaking in a relaxing hot bath
  • While we get our beauty sleep


For a customized formula with ingredients picked just for you and your hair needs, take our consultation here.



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