6 Tips for Dyeing Your Hair From Brown to Blonde

Sometimes the grass really is greener on the other side. And sometimes, you just need a change, so you decide you finally want to switch from brown to blonde hair

Whether you’re in a new hot-girl era moment, recovering from a breakup or need to try out something different, being a blonde can be a lot of fun. 

However, you should know it will take some work to get there. Brunettes can’t go blonde overnight. Or, at least, they shouldn’t. Look at Kim Kardashian’s botched Met Gala 2022 look when her stylist took her from brown to blonde hair in one night! 

But don’t worry; We’ll help you avoid the common mistakes people make during the entire brunette-to-blonde transformation. Follow these six tips and your hair metamorphosis will be as smooth as possible.

Table of Contents

    1. Don’t Forget to Prep

    We won’t sugarcoat this — taking your hair from brown to blonde will require a lot of treatment. Most women will need to go through a double process, which requires first stripping their natural color and then toning to their desired new shade of blonde. And all that work will remove some of your hair’s health and moisture. 

    Luckily, you can prepare for this. 

    Make sure you prep your hair for its color transformation and give it the best chance of staying healthy when blonde. Some of the pre-care steps you’ll want to take are:

    2. Come Prepared for Your Appointment

    There are a few things you should do before your stylist touches your hair to ensure you have the best coloring experience possible:

    3. Test Out a Strand

    Your stylist will probably already suggest testing a strand before processing all your hair, but if they don’t, insist that they do. Testing out a strand is when your stylist lightens a small section of your hair to see how long it takes for the color to lift and see what color it lifts to. By conducting a strand test, your stylist can tell you if your brown-to-blonde transformation will take one to two treatments or will need more work and potentially three to four treatments. This helps set expectations so you know how long the process will take (and what it will cost). 

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    4. Beauty Is Pain … But Not in This Case

    If you’ve ever bleached your hair before, you know the process comes with discomfort. However, know that it shouldn’t be painful. You should immediately tell your stylist if you’re sitting in the chair and feel more than a slight stinging. This transition doesn’t need to cause you intense physical pain. Your stylist will be able to re-evaluate their approach and offer some solutions that make the bleaching process more bearable. 

    5. Patience Is Key

    Good things come to those who wait; with a brown to blonde transformation, you should expect to do some waiting. Your actual appointments will likely be several hours long, and the entire process may take anywhere from one to four appointments. It will be worth it, but know that this process will take time if you want truly stunning results! 

    6. Don’t Forget About Post-Care

    If you want your blonde hair to stay healthy and fresh, you must focus on post-treatment care. Bleaching your hair causes damage and can strip your hair of its moisture. You’ll want to use products that are hydrating and can help repair your hair:

    Embracing the New You

    You’ve done the research and are now ready for this big change. Going blonde might be what you need to enter a new, exciting chapter in your life. As you enter this new era, make sure you do so with the healthiest, most beautiful hair possible. Start using custom hair products specifically designed to meet your hair’s unique needs. Try out the quick Prose consultation to see what custom hair care might look like for you.