7 Days, 7 Hairstyles: Long, Straight Hair

Are you stuck in a styling rut? Or maybe looking to make everyday feel like a special occasion? Well, we’ve got you covered. In our 7 Days, 7 Hairstyles series we showcase a new look for each day of the week on four different hair types. In this post we’ll focus on hairstyles for long, straight hair created by Olivia. Let us know below which one is your favorite!

Table of Contents
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    Day 1: Low topsy tail pony

    Sure, you could tie up your hair in a low ponytail and be on your way, but why not spice it up with a few added twists and turns?

    Day 2: Single dutch braid

    Show off your length with an inside-out braid that trails all the way down your back. This look gives off major Rapunzel vibes.

    Day 3: Half up, half down French twist

    Every hairstyle is better with a bit of a twist. Give the classic half up, half down look an upgrade with some French flair.

    Day 4: Fishtail braid

    First Rapunzel, now Ariel. Long, flowing braids never fail to look romantic.

    Day 5: Braided halo pony

    Somehow this braided halo pony manages to be dainty, yet impactful. Would look great paired with a flowy dress!

    Day 6: Pull through braid

    Braids will never get old and the volume on this one has us doing a double take. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial to get the look.

    Day 7: Low bun

    When summer heat strikes, sometimes getting your hair off of your back is a must. Still stay polished, yet cool, with this low bun.

    For more hairstyle how-tos visit our Instagram here. Say bye to boring hair days!