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9 Trending Balayage Tones for all Hair Shades

July 30, 2018

1 Min read

Balayage is a trend we can’t see fading away anytime soon. From charcoal locks to dark chocolate to platinum blonde, the hair painting technique adds a luscious, touchable look to your hair. In this gallery, you’ll find an array of ways to lighten your ends no matter what your hair shade. Once you find the perfect balayage for you, make sure to show it to your stylist during your next hair appointment!

Gunmetal Chic

Looking to go lighter in a non-traditional way? A charcoal balayage may be just what you’ve been searching for. Dark roots that fade into smokey grey ends is the definition of bold and edgy! Color by: @riibendz

Sandy Blonde Tresses

Sandy and beige tones are beautiful, soft hues to add to your look. This blonde balayage has the perfect mixture of warm and cool shades to transition into the Fall with. Color by: @elizairenestyles

Platinum Queen

A post shared by Alisha. (@edgy__barbie) on

Platinum hair is a trend all in itself, but this deep root, platinum ends balayage is changing the game! Color by: @edgy_barbie

Golden Goddess

A post shared by Lacey Jones (@_hairbylaceyj) on

This balayage is for those searching to add golden rays of light to their ends. Brown roots that fade into gold make it seem like the sun is always shining on your strands. Color by: @_hairbylaceyj 

Strawberry Shortcake

Sweet strawberry blonde tresses is everything you didn’t know you needed! The mixture of copper and blonde tones is fresh, playful, and sophisticated! Color by: @coffeeandcurlingirons

Coffee Break

Coffee-hued roots fade into ashy blonde ends. This balayage is the perfect way to lighten your look in a subtle yet stunning manner! Color by:

Sun-kissed Brunette

If you are a natural brunette and want to add more depth, adding sun-kissed highlights is just what you need. This gorgeous color seamlessly blends in with your natural locks fooling many into thinking it’s the result of long summer days. Color by: @sarahgossetthair

A Taste of Honey

A delicate honeycomb toned balayage. Color by:@kylieannefritz

Caramel Drizzle

Looking to lighten your naturally deep ends? This is the balayage for you! These dark chocolate roots fade into a perfect natural caramel tone. Color by: @blissfulbeachbrides


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