Trending Now: ‘90s Hair Twists and Knockers

To say the ‘90s are back would be an understatement. We see the nostalgic magic of the era in everything from makeup to clothes. In this case, of course, we’re going to chat about the decade’s influence on hair. Remember the daily ritual of having your hair parted into fours, secured with hair twists and knockers—or ballies or bobbles as some call them? Yeah, we do too.

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    The hair twists and knockers style is making a comeback, but not everyone is taking the traditional four-quadrant route. Instead, some stylists and creators take things up a notch by adorning Bantu knots with clear hair knockers. In addition, there are even creators parting and securing the hair in multiple small sections and securing each one with colorful ballies. If we’ve learned anything from seeing this trend remerge it’s that there are no rules, so have fun with it if you get inspired to lean back into the ‘90s. 

    Pro tip: But we can never miss an opportunity to chat about hair health. If you remember ‘90s hair accessories, there was a lot of tugging and tangling. Hair accessories have gotten a much-needed update, so tangling can be kept to a minimum with the proper care, like not adding elastics to soaking wet hair or securing hair too tightly. Both can cause breakage, and not even nostalgia is worth that. 

    With that little haircare PSA in mind, check out some inspiration below.

    ‘90s twists and knockers inspiration

    Our very own Director of Education @honoryourfaith rocking knockers and pigtail hair twists.
    The addition of Bantu knots and other accessories on top of knockers gives @kellybeestyles’s style a modern twist.
    @beebraids89 is keeping it classic with this more traditional take on knockers and hair twists.