11 Men’s Hair Concerns and the Ingredients to Help

The best shampoo for your hair is exactly that: the best for your hair. The ingredients you need to get a thorough wash—while also maintaining shape, integrity, fullness, and the likes—is specific to you. 

That’s why the best shampoo for men isn’t any one universal product. Some men have thinning or receding hair and want to address that matter foremost. Of those men, some have straight hair, while others have curls. Guys with thick, stubborn hair should follow a different hair care regimen than those with fine hair. Same for guys with dyed or bleach hair versus those with their natural hair color. See the pattern?

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    It all boils down to ingredients, and finding the shampoo  that contains the right combination that targets your  hair, which is far more nuanced than one single-word descriptor, too. You aren’t just “curly haired” and needing products to target that. As mentioned above, are you also thinning, or is your hair thick? How dense is it? Are the curls easily compromised? A single shampoo formula can address all of these things (especially when it’s customized uniquely for you)—it just requires the right ingredients. 

    Below are all of the most common conditions or concerns men look to address with their hair care regimen, along with the ingredients that Prose’s Research & Development team  specifically use to target those needs.

    1. Your concern: oily scalp

    Genetically speaking, it’s more common for men to be “oily” than for women. And having an over productive scalp can yield some glossy, weighed-down, almost lifeless hair. It can even quicken fungal growth and flaking or itching. The trick, though, is finding a shampoo that flushes away excess grime without parching and drying out the hair and scalp. Overwashing is common for oily-scalped men, and this cycle of dehydrating the hair only perpetuates the oil production. 

    Your solution: Prose’s shampoos for oily scalps utilize ingredients that tone and balance the oil production in the scalp (like vitamin B6), cleanse and purify (spirulina), invigorate cells and boost circulation (peppermint and green tea water), as well as nourish the scalp (kale).

    2. Your concern: dry, sensitive scalp

    Your scalp may always be dry , or maybe it changes according to the season. Either way, a dry or sensitive scalp requires excess moisture and nourishment to restore healthy hydration levels. It must lack any harmful additives, and can sometimes mean avoiding fragrances.. Scalp treatments like pre-shampoo masks can do a number to restore harmony to the scalp, but you also want a shampoo that works towards the same goal, rather than drying out the scalp even further, and setting you back a couple notches. 

    Your solution: Prose prioritizes flake-fighting (and preventing) ingredients like licorice extract (dipotassium glycyrrhizate), plus moisture-building and -preserving ingredients like pro-vitamin B5 and hyaluronic acid.

    3. Your concern: no curl definition

    If your hair has a natural bend, then you want to seek out formulas that emphasize and define the texture, rather than letting hair go lifeless or limp. The key is, of course, building and maintaining moisture. 

    Your solution: Prose targets curl and wave definition with fermented rice water, plus fortifies hair and scalp alike with vitamin- and mineral-rich flax seed extract.

    4. Your concern: dry hair

    Curls and coils also need excess moisture, but without any extra bulk or weight. They need buoyancy, and their ends are especially in need of nourishment. While their regimen is anchored by a few key products (like leave-in conditioner and curl cream), the shampoo still needs to cleanse without compromise.  

    Your solution: Prose uses hair-strengthening ingredients like flaxseed oil, as well as moisture-building and -retaining inclusions like babassu oil, and as frizz-fighting ones like pequi oil.

    5. Your concern: hair damage

    If your hair is prone to breaking, or is highly damaged from dye, bleach, or excess exposure to things like blow dryers, pool chlorine, or UV rays, then it needs some serious treatment to restore body and strength. Pair a custom shampoo formula with a restorative conditioner, and a weekly deep conditioning mask, too.

    Your solution: To restore damaged-hair, Prose utilizes oils of argan, babassu, and jojoba for significant moisture boosts, as well as hyaluronic acid. Sebum-regulating sacha yushi oil helps stimulate the scalp’s natural nourishing powers, while plant-based collagen helps build thicker, fuller strands.

    6. Your concern: dyed or bleached hair

    Dyed and bleached or platinum hair is significantly compromised, in terms of strand thickness and cuticle defense function. In addition to providing excess moisture and fortification, shampoo for dyed hair should protect the color’s vibrancy. Bleached and platinum hair often requires periodic toning with a purple-hued shampoo or conditioner.

    Your solution: Prose targets dyed hair with silk protein to rebuild the hair from within, and oat oil to build and restore moisture levels. Also, vitamin E helps build the hair’s defenses, and counter oxidative stress in both hair and scalp.

    7. Your concern: bald scalp care

    Bald guys need shampoo too: Remember, shampoo targets the scalp as much as it does the hair. And bald guys need a fortifying, hydrating wash that mitigates flaking, excessive oil production, or dehydration. (Your scalp condition often remains with you after your hair is shaved or falls away.)

    Your solution: Prose uses probiotic-powered kombucha tea to counter any yeast or fungal buildups. Yacon root cleanses and purifies the scalp while simultaneously reducing redness and flaking, while eucalyptus oil has anti-inflammatory powers to neutralize bad bacteria and further thwart inflammation.

    8. Your concern: thick, bulky hair

    Although a lot of men would choose thick hair over hair loss, it does come along with its own challenges. Thick hair has a reputation for being less than cooperative and overly bulky. The aim here is to keep it soft and hydrated, to promote flexibility and stylability. (A nicely textured haircut never hurts, either.)

    Your solution: Prose includes fermented rice water in its formulas for thick hair. Fermented rice water is rich in proteins that penetrate the hair and make it softer, more buoyant, and cooperative (while also reinforcing its body and structural strength). 

    9. Your concern: thin, fragile hair

    Reinforcement, volume, and fullness are among the many aims for thin and fine, fragile hair. Guys with this hair type want to counter the lack of body, density, and individual strand thickness. 

    Your solution: Prose builds fullness and promotes thickness with arginine to prevent breakage and strengthen hair structure, as well as quinoa extract to deeply nourish and hydrate.

    10. Your concern: thinning hair

    Thinning hair is different from thin hair—the former refers to hair that is gradually thinning on an individual or uniform level. The latter simply refers to naturally fine strands. In this case we are addressing steadily thinning hair, which needs to also prioritize fullness and volume, while also focusing on follicle and scalp fortification so as to promote healthier, stronger growth.

    Your solution: Prose includes maca root and biotin to encourage fuller, stronger hair growth. Also, nasturtium tea is included to stimulate circulation in the scalp, which in turn strengthens each follicle and combats additional hair loss.

    11. Your concern: flaking

    Flaking can be caused by excessive dryness, bacterial or fungal buildup, and a number of other conditions. These individuals may also be countering an excessively dry or oily scalp—be it seasonally or regularly.

    Your solution: Prose employs jujube bark and bamboo charcoal to purify the scalp, mitigate sebum buildup and production, plus reduce itching and irritation. Jojoba beads gently exfoliate the scalp to lift dead skin flakes in the shower, and in turn prevent flaking post shower.

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