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You (Occasionally) Clean Your Makeup Brushes, But What About Your Hairbrush?

May 10, 2020

2 Min read

If you’re like me and have never owned a hairbrush before, or if the ones you have owned were never an investment piece, you may not have bothered to learn how to properly cleanse them. However, a Prose hairbrush is unique to you and definitely an item you’ll want to cherish. Plus, proper care of your brush directly affects its efficacy. Removing any product buildup and dust particles from its cushion and bristles is imperative for you to reap all of the conditioning and detangling benefits it has to offer.

Daily Cleansing

Daily cleansing is a breeze in that all you need to do is remove any hair that may have fallen out while you were brushing. For some people, just using their fingers will effectively remove all of the loose strands, but for those who have hair that is tightly wound, try using a plastic, wide tooth or tail comb to coax out any stubborn strands. However, be gentle when doing so, as vigorous combing and raking can cause damage to your brush overtime.

Monthly Cleansing

Once a month, you should give your brush a good, deep clean with a mild soap and water solution. Here’s how:

1. Mix equal parts mild soap or shampoo with water in a spray bottle.

2. Spritz the solution directly onto the bristles, focusing on the base, targeting any product buildup or lint.

3. Use a damp towel or cloth to remove any excess buildup at the base of your brush.

4. Rinse your brush facing downwards to remove the soap solution.

5. Press the cushion to release any water that may have gotten trapped inside the base.

6. Lay your brush bristle side down on a towel for a full day to dry.


If you’re using your brush regularly, storing it bristle side up on your vanity is totally fine. However, if you just use it once in a while, consider storing your brush in a clean, dry bag or drawer to limit the amount of dust that settles on it. This will make your life easier when cleansing time comes around and help extend the life of your brush.

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