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5 Easy Hairstyles for Going Back to Work

August 27, 2021

1 Min read

Hairstyles for work should first be easy and quick—five minutes tops. Equally important is that the hairstyle makes you feel confident and ready to take on your day, because you’ve got stuff to do! We also like to think of fun, easy hairstyles as yet another way to accessorize your look and express your personal style. Especially considering that many of us were a little deprived of that last year as we sat through Zoom calls in business casual on top and sweatpants on bottom. 

No matter how you’re going to work this fall, we’ve pulled together our favorite easy hairstyles that you can achieve with zero stress and maximum levels of chic.

The stacked barrette look


Stacked bobby pins have been a trend since the ‘80s and ‘90s, but resin barrettes like these ones from Aplipop put a polished twist on the style. Whether you stack your barrettes on one side or two, the pop of color gives neutral and monochromatic office looks the perfect amount of personality. The best part is this trend works for any hair length or texture: Just imagine how cute a pastel barrette stack would be on a curly pixie cut. Too cute!

The french girl half updo


Bouffant hair, bedroom hair, whatever this look is called—the ‘60s French girl vibes are impeccable. The key to this style is ever-so-gentle backcombing at the crown and a few face-framing layers left free around the hairline. 

Here’s how to backcomb without doing damage: 

  1. Start by applying a texturizing spray or volume powder for a natural lift.
  2. Then use a fine tooth comb to backcomb once or twice in single strokes (no back and forth teasing motions). 


We love a claw clip for this style, but you could also use a tortoise shell barrette or classic black ribbon.

The headband tiara


Your curls deserve a crown, and outside of an actual diamond tiara, we can think of no better way to convey that sentiment than with an aptly placed headband. You can use any size headband—from super slim to ultra-thick—for this style and it comes together in seconds. It’s lazy-girl hair for royals.

The model ponytail


The deep side-part ponytail is not a new hairstyle, but models put it back on the map in 2019 and the trend is still going strong. Though it looks complicated, it’s really just a high ponytail with a deep side-part and a thick section of hair (kind of like a long bang) wrapped around the hairline and secured at the nape of the neck. You can check out a YouTube tutorial inspired by the exact high fashion hairstyle that went viral here

To achieve the look, you’ll need a:


And remember: This look isn’t limited to long hair! You can do the deep parted side-swoop with or without the ponytail and it can be pinned closer to the earline if you have shorter hair.

The classic claw twist


Timeless and simple, the claw twist has joined the hair echelons of the chignon and the top knot. The most important part of making this style work for you is choosing the right clip. It should be wide enough to comfortably wrap around all of your hair without feeling loose or like it’s pulling on your strands. Simply pull your hair back, twist it upward, tuck lengths under the twist, and secure with a claw. Twist accompli

Wrap up

The transition back to working in your office may not be easy, but at least these hairstyles are. Which one will you be rocking on your first day back? Let us know in the comments below!


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April Walloga is a beauty and lifestyle editor who’s written extensively on hair health and the root causes of hair loss. She is the former and founding editor in chief of and has been a lead editor at publications like Business Insider, Gotham magazine, and In her spare time you can find her perusing what’s new at Sephora or enjoying Riverside Park with no less than her third cup of coffee that day.

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