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10 Inspiration Photos for Embracing Your Natural Texture

August 15, 2018

1 Min read

When most of us think of hair trends we immediately envision bold, colored hair or styles achieved by using some kind of hot tool. Seeing natural curls trending all over social media is a breath of fresh air, especially during the summer. Flaunt your curls, let them breathe and be free to help them find their natural shape once again. In this gallery, we hope you find inspiration to embrace your curls no matter their shape, size or texture.

Check out our natural hair inspirations:


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Achieving a complete hair transformation can be a challenge and can take a some time, but as long as you’re giving your hair the attention and dedication with a proper hair care regimen, all goals are possible!


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No one can replicate your curls. They’re unique! Embrace them, enjoy them, love them!


Pro Tip: Use weekly deep conditioning treatments to keep this curl type in tiptop shape! For maximum shine, avoiding excess heat and dramatic coloring.


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It’s amazing how just some good ol’ TLC can transform the health of your curls. Going natural and reducing the amount of heat you put your curls through can help them “bounce” back to their natural ways.


Pro Tip: Weekly deep conditioning treatments and styling with a leave-in conditioner help to keep this crown moisturized! As always, avoid harsh heat styling, dramatic color, and products with sulfates.


“Shake what your momma gave ya,” says the gorgeous Donna Louise. We love seeing curly girls embracing their natural hair! Even if it’s just once in a while, it’s fun to leave your hot tools behind and let your curls shine!


Embrace your natural bouncy curls and let your gorgeous volume do all the talking!


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Healthy locks will always be in style. Make sure to add self care days into your busy routine to ensure your hair, mind, and body are as healthy as can be.


Pro Tip: For maximum curl definition, finger-coil your favorite styling products into the hair section by section. Scrunch, then diffuse on medium heat for maximum shine!


Whether your curls are loose, tight, or somewhere in between, they set you apart from everyone else!


If your hair is always a conversation starter, then you know you’re doing something right.


Pro Tip: To maintain fullness especially at the crown of your head, be sure to trim hair regularly (every 6-12 weeks). For color treated locks, it’s best to have color done professionally to avoid dryness and excess fading that can occur naturally in curly hair.


Curly hair = natural volume for days!


Your hair care journey is so worth it. Plus, the more wild your hair, the more texture and movement it has, and the more it shines.


Pro Tip: For heavy/dense curls, opt for a layered cut to help lift and give shape to the hair.


Whether you’re just about to embark on your natural journey, or simply looking to maintain the health of your hair, take our consultation here, to learn how Prose can help you meet your hair goals and needs.  



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