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2021 Fall Hair Color Trends

August 30, 2021

1 Min read

Summer isn’t over YET, but does that mean it’s too early to start thinking about fall hair? Absolutely not. One of the most exciting things about changing seasons is planning your subsequent style evolution. Hello jeans, hello boots, and hello fall hair. Hair color for this fall is all about rich, earthy tones that bring out the most luxurious and cozy versions of ourselves. As we let go of the bright colors and crazy cuts of summer, we embrace a calmer, but equally as sensual, hair color palette. Below are some of our favorite hair color trends.


Maybe it’s the changing leaves, the pumpkins or the orange sunsets, but something about copper hair just feels so right for fall. Bonus points if you have green eyes, because the orange undertones will bring those babies right out!


Natural black

With red undertones, natural black is perfect for this fall. She’s broken away from her sister, blue black, and the emo sensibility that comes with it. Natural black is warm and comes alive in the sun. Pair it with a colorful brow or some natural light? It’s over.



Fall is a time to go inward and reflect on who we are at our core. Sometimes, that means embracing our natural silver and greys and letting it shine. Silver hair is about coming into the season more secure in yourself. The result is a powerfully beautiful hair color. 


Dark roots

The dark root look can be achieved two ways: in the salon, or by just letting your summer blonde grow out naturally. Either way, dark roots are a great way to honor your summer self, while leaning into your natural color. It looks cool, grungy, and with it’s ode to the ’90s is definitely on trend this fall.


Chestnut brown

There is absolutely nothing as classic fall as a chestnut brown. You know exactly why! Rich and natural, chestnut brown brings out the warmth in your skin and maybe even your soul?




Lee Phillips is a freelance New York based storyteller across mediums. With a BFA in writing from The New School, Phillips uses language to convey her personal truths and imagine new worlds in fiction, poetry, screen writing and non-fiction. Her non-fiction can be found in office Magazine, CryBaby Zine, Period Space, Chanel Void, Editorial Magazine, 10011 Magazine and includes editorial work for brands. Her creative writing is published in Unvaeled Journal, Rookie Magazine, and her poetry book, “Nowhere Words,”  published in September of 2020.  In all of her work, she believes in creating content that engages viewers through shared experience and authentic narratives, rather than elitism or insecurity. Follow her instagram @c.har.lee for more.

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