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3 girls laying on fall leaves

Top Trending Hair Colors For Fall 2020

September 25, 2018

4 Min read

With the weather now crisp and cool, warmer-toned locks are re-emerging. From bronde looks to copper maple tones to dark espresso shades, find inspiration for your fall color transformation right here.

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Bronde Tones

Get the perfect fusion of blonde and brunette by mixing both warm and cool tones to add dimension to your hair. Just like the color of changing fall leaves, there’s no need to stress about choosing just one shade. BONUS: A bronde tone will help transition your hair into the winter months if you typically go darker.





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Cool Blonde, Warm Undertones

If you have a love for cool tones but want to subtly warm up your locks this fall, then here’s the best way to do so. Having a warmer base allows your cooler tones to pop without being too dramatic or too cool. This technique will give you the best of both worlds.



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Classic Red Tones

Maybe it’s because of the new red hues we’re seeing popping up in nature, but red just feels like such a classic autumnal shade. Make this hue unique to you and your style by warming it up or cooling it down, adding edgy red-toned highlights, or upping your game with a red-toned balayage.



Pro Tip: If you are looking to achieve a wine-tone style like this one, ask your stylist for a “sangria balayage.”



Copper Town Tones


Copper tones are all the rage this season. The reddish brown blend with hints of orange is perfect for those searching for a more subtle version of a fiery red shade.



Pro Tip: Achieve a warmer and spicier copper tone by asking your stylist for this Cayenne shade.




Honey Tones

Honey blonde locks give off a delicate, warm, and shiny look that provide your strands with a healthy glow. For those who are already blonde or brunette looking for a natural transition this season, going with a honey tone is a great option.



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Maple Tones

Although dark-toned brunettes are, just like red, classics during the fall months, adding rich maple syrup toned highlights helps bring your dark color to life. If you feel like rebelling against all the “fall hair rules,” then a dark and warm base that fades into a creamy maple syrup drizzle balayage is perfect for you.




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If a change in season spurred a change in hair color, make sure to keep the color from fading with the right ingredients. Take our consultation here to discover which ingredients will keep hair healthy and vibrant all season long.


Image from Crystal Shaw via Unsplash


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