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Trending Now: The Flip Hairstyle

October 28, 2021

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70’s curtain bangs, move over! This 60’s flip hairstyle is taking the spotlight. How could any of us contest the return of such an iconic look? This retro chic classic is girl next door energy but if you lived in Paris and worked in fashion. 

The rise of the flip hairstyle

Added to high ponies, half updos, with Jackie O’ like volume, or just paired with a headband, the flip hairstyle has had as many iterations as celebrity appearances. Everyone is eager to bring back this era-defining 60’s style. That’s because the flip hairstyle is iconic, classic, and versatile enough to complement any style. It’s feminine without being adolescent and cute with an edge.

Start with the right cut

So, how can you rock this look as soon as humanly possible? While bob form is arguably the most common, anyone can rock flipped out ends whether your length is at your—chin, collar bone, and beyond. If you want to truly commit, head to the salon for a blunt cut first if you don’t already have one. Adding flipped ends to shaggy layering would give more of a princess Diana look, which is also trending.

How to get the flip hairstyle at home

More good news—there’s a strong chance you already have everything you need to do a flip hairstyle at home. Start by straightening your hair with heat protectant to get pin straight strands. If you like the super glossy look, add in  hair oil. Then, separate your hair into two inch sections and get flippin! 

The trick to creating the flip is a smooth down and out motion. Try not to press down too hard with your straightener or flip outward at an angle while running down the lengths of your hair, which can crimp your hair instead of flip it. The goal is a smooth flip, not a square one! If all you have is a curling iron, make sure it’s a wide barreled and don’t wrap  hair all the way around. While a full 360 curl at the end of your hair could look cute, it’s not exactly what the flip hairstyle is all about. If you’re staying true to the flip’s 60’s roots, you might bump up the volume and layer on the hairspray. But just like any other trend that’s come back, today’s flip hairstyle has kept all the fun stuff, while leaving behind the less trendy beehive component. Pair it with a bold twiggy eye look, or dress it down with jeans and sweater. This playful 60’s flip hairstyle is yours to have fun with.

Flip hairstyle inspo 

We love the subtle accessories @klaymurry added to this flip hairstyle
This hair by @_jason_vieira is oh so sleek
@_lolach pairs her flip hairstyle with a modern middle part



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