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I Let a Yeluchi Hairstylist Braid My Hair for the First Time Ever—Here’s How It Went

November 1, 2021

1 Min read

I’ve found over the last few weeks that the sentence, “I’ve never had my hair braided before,” really cues the face crack of the century. People are shocked and (occasionally) appalled that I waited twenty-six years of life to have my hair in a protective style. Like so many experiences within the Black community, getting your hair done is a moment to bond, share, and even exhale. So, I think picturing life without a chunk of that connection is hard for people to imagine. Why did I wait so long? I’m not really sure, but after these goddess box braids, I’m never going back.

Discovering Yeluchi

About six months ago, a friend sent me Yeluchi’s Instagram profile and I was immediately intrigued. The concept of a mobile hairstylist seemed like something that would be reserved for celebrities and other glam squad aficionados. However, Yeluchi’s feed is flooded with rows of beautiful, everyday people, so I immediately felt welcomed. I also took note of their blog Un-Ruly. Being an editor at Prose, I especially know how invaluable hair education is, so seeing that they broke down everything from protective styles to natural hair care just made me that more confident in their services. Plus, being a newbie I found the articles on various protective styles especially helpful.

Co-founders of Yeluchi and sisters Abigail and Antonia Opiah.

Booking my appointment and buying hair

When booking my appointment, I was asked various questions like how long my hair was and to send in a photo of my natural hair texture so my stylist could take a look and be prepared. Yeluchi has a great FAQ page that I consulted during my booking process. My final appointment was for medium sized/hip length knotless box braids with wavy ends and flyaways aka goddess box braids. I also tacked on a pre-style blowout that I ended up not needing because my hair was detangled enough already for my stylist to work with.

Once my appointment was taken care of, I then moved on to buying my hair. I felt slightly intimidated by the amount of options I was served, but once again Yeluchi came through with a hair buying guide that laid out exactly what I needed to know. I clicked over to the House of Beauty website and bought three packs of this Bobbi Boss hair and two packs of this Freetress hair. I have to say that I definitely stand behind my choices, because even my stylist was singing the hair’s praises, saying she really liked it and even taking note of the brands. And even after five weeks of wear, I didn’t have any issues with tangles or knotted ends.

The braiding hair I used.

My braiding appointment

When my stylist Roxy came over she got to work right away, setting up her station while chatting through what she was going to do with my hair. Yeluchi strongly believes that a protective style should be protective and not damaging to hair, so she assured me that she wouldn’t braid my hair so tight that it would cause my scalp to scream, which I was very grateful for. Overall the process took only five and a half hours, which is two to three hours less than a typical braiding session. I timed it to be sure. Throughout we chatted about the (disappointing) Met Gala looks from the weekend before and laughed at the memes that came out of it while I worked on my computer and even took a few work calls. Having my hair braiding appointment right at home and scheduled around my day instead of the other way around was super refreshing.

Roxy’s setup.

My final results 

At one point, only half of my hair was done and I was already feeling myself. I had to get up out of my chair and swing my head around in the mirror. I’d never had such long hair and was obsessed. Then, before I knew it, my entire head was done and I instantly felt at home with my braids. I was surprised that they weren’t heavy like I had feared they’d be. I couldn’t stop running my fingers through them—the length was really a trip! Once Roxy left, I had to take some obligatory selfies to show off my new look.

Me n my inches.

The responses from my loved ones and even strangers were overwhelmingly positive. People were constantly asking where I got them done, how long it took, etc., and I was always happy to recount my experience with Yeluchi. It took twenty-six years for me to get my hair braided for the first time, but it’s only going to take (at most) three months for me to get it braided for the second time.