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How to Grow Out Your Bangs Gracefully

September 16, 2019

2 Min read

As bold as making the decision to get bangs is, it takes just as much commitment to grow them out. Parting ways can sometimes be a long and awkward process where you’re forced to wait months for your fringe to be long enough to be pulled back into a ponytail or tucked behind your ears. So, you’ll need to get creative. Fortunately, there are a few easy ways to keep your hair stylish, polished and out of your face during that awkward in-between phase.

1. Get trims

Regular trims will keep hair healthy and less prone to splitting and breaking (which can prevent strands from growing longer). Healthy hair also retains moisture better, which promotes growth. “Have your stylist ‘dust’ your ends about ¼ of an inch to encourage shape and keep them out of your eyes,” says Faith Huffnagle, Prose Director of Education and veteran stylist. While it’s recommended to go in for a trim every six weeks, “The longer you can go between cuts, the more progress you will make,” adds Huffnagle.

2. Frame your face

Long bangs can look chic and bohemian when they frame your face like curtains. In other words, when they are parted down the middle and pushed out to the sides. To coax them into this face-flattering shape, apply gel to the roots of your bangs while they are damp and blow them dry with a small round brush. While drying, use the brush to push the hair to each side to create a curtain effect.

3. Get control

Bangs in the grow-out stage tend to go rogue and get a bit unruly. To keep them in place, use light hairspray or pomade, if needed. However, if your hair tends to get greasy, avoid using products and try the next tip instead.

4. Accessorize

When bangs become really annoying, push them back off your face with a headband, or try pinning them to one side with a ‘90s clip-style barrette or a couple of embellished bobby pins.

5. Blend in

Remember those trims we mentioned in the first tip? As your bangs get longer, ask your stylist to start blending them into the rest of your hair when you go in for a trim. This is especially important if you you’re growing out thick, blunt bangs. A stylist will often do this by angling them into side bangs. You can also ask your stylist to take a few inches off of the rest of your hair, which will soften the transition from bangs to lengths.


Hair grows faster when its healthy, meaning you won’t have to deal with the pesky remnants of bangs for as long if your strands have been properly taken care of. Get your healthiest hair yet with custom hair care made just for you. Take your Prose consultation here.



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