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20 Years of Hair Care: Growth of the Hair Industry

May 20, 2018

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As a beauty startup looking to work with stylists to revitalize the hair industry, we are fascinated by the ever-shifting tide of employment and wages of our fellow hair professionals within the US.

Because of this, we delved into the data for ‘Occupational Employment and Wages’ on the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ website, which spans an impressive 20 years. By doing this, we were able to visualize every trend and turnaround using simple color-coded map gifs of the United States.

As of May 2017, California appears to have the most stylists employed (nearly 30,000 workers), closely followed by Florida. The state holding the crown for highest mean annual wage is currently Washington, D.C., which sums an impressive $45,680. However, with a 2,800-mile trek between California and Washington, it seems that stylists can’t have the best of both worlds!

When looking at the big picture, it appears that New York and Florida and have seen the biggest surges in wage and employment, while Guam and South Carolina have been holding fairly steady for two decades.

For further interesting insights, take a look at our infographic below:



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