1 Hairstyle, 4 Ways: The Rope Braid

Two strands and a couple of elastics is all you need to nail a rope braid! Check out a few different variations of the fun, summer hairstyle below. Which one is your favorite?

Table of Contents

    Sideways Scarf

    Cute curls are always one of our favorite accessories! Kassie injected even more summer fun into her sideways rope braid by tying her hair off with a flouncy scarf.

    Bejeweled twists

    Aisha’s two strand twists are perfectly complimented by golden accents via her hair charms. Her tiny tendrils couldn’t be cuter.

    Single Strand

    Dina kept her rope braid simple and effortless with a straight back variation. Perfect for days when you want to look polished, yet breezy.

    Double Trouble

    Our very own Faith, Prose’s Director of Education, switched up her style by creating pigtails out of her rope braids. She even added a few, gold hair charms for extra interest.

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