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How to Incorporate Healing Crystals Into Your Hair Routine

April 3, 2019

1 Min read

From jade rollers to rose quartz combs, the beauty industry has been obsessed with crystals and their healing powers as of late. With all that we endure during our daily lives, it’s nice to slow down with a beauty routine filled with good vibes and energy rooted in the earth. And now the crystal craze doesn’t have to stop at your beauty routine. Crystal hair accessories are starting to pop up and will surely increase in visibility over the coming months. Are you on board with the crystal trend or do you find the whole idea to be gimikey? Either way, they’re definitely a fun addition to any beauty routine.

Start with Crystals

Treat your tresses by combing through them with crystals. The rose quartz comb featured below is from Free People, but there are other versions available including obsidian, amethyst, clear quartz, and galaxite. Each crystal has a different healing property that you benefit from when using it. For example, rose quartz is said to promote love while obsidian is known for helping you let go of negative energy. Who knew?

Finish with Crystals

Top off your hairstyle with crystals that you can keep on you all day. The clips below are from the brand Kitsch and feature hematite crystals, which are praised for their balancing energy. If you’re looking for your hair accessories to give off a more bohemian and “of the Earth” vibe, the pink calcite pins featured in the image above are handmade by @crystalclipsco on Instagram. She sources all of her beautiful crystals from Moab, Utah and sells them on her Etsy shop.



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