How To Achieve and Maintain the Season’s Trendiest Hair Hue: Cowboy Copper

Hair color trends come and go, but one hot hue that seems to be here to stay: cowboy copper. Before you dismiss this as another recycled fall tone with a new name, let’s dive into why this name is actually befitting of the color, how to get it and how to maintain vibrant locks all season long.

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    What is Cowboy Copper?

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    Cowboy copper (sometimes referred to as cowgirl copper) hair is a trending hair color that’s a combination of classic copper and auburn. The brunette hue makes it less vibrant than traditional coppers, creating warmth and adding depth to liven up classic copper.

    But what’s with the name? The addition of the brunette hue to a typical copper dye makes the color reminiscent of leather, hence the connection to cowboys and the “Wild West,” explains William Slator, hair health expert and founder of HairGuard. (Think about it: Western fashion is trending largely thanks to the “Coastal Cowgirl” trend on TikTok.

    It’s likely your stylist has heard of this trend, but keep in mind there are variations, such as choosing a lighter red or adding a more deep brunette—it’s really up to you. Bringing reference photos can help you to ensure that you leave the salon with the look you have in mind. Some stylists might even want to do a color consult ahead of time so that they can see if they’ll be able to complete the color in one session or if it will take multiple, depending on what types of dyes and products are currently in your hair, as well as your hair health and texture.

    “The great thing about cowboy copper is its versatility, complementing just about any skin tone on the planet,” Slator says.

    How to Maintain Your New Color

    Before making the leap, keep in mind that reds and coppers are hair colors that require more maintenance to keep looking fresh. If not maintained well, the color can dull quickly. A few general rules Slator suggests to maintaining red, color-treated hair so your hair stays fresher for longer:

    Wash your hair in lukewarm, or even cold water.

    When you wash with hot water, you might see more color rinse out in your tub, as this causes the cuticle to open and in turn leads to color bleeding more freely. By washing with cold water, you reduce the risk of color runs. 

    Shampoo less often.

    The less you wash your hair, the less chance of opening the cuticles and risk losing color penetration. To help your hair stay fresh between washes, plus improve your scalp health and boost volume, we recommend adding a Custom Dry Shampoo to your routine.

    Use a color protectant shampoo.

    When you do shampoo, use one designed to protect the color. These are usually sulfate free and pH balanced, both important for retaining vibrance. Our Custom Shampoo is gentle on hair and made to support your hair health with every wash. 

    Stay out of the sun.

    UV light is known to fade color, just think about your patio furniture that’s been sitting in the sun for years. This phenomenon applies to your dyed hair, too. Staying out of direct sunlight as much as possible, and wearing protective layers (i.e. sun hats) when you do helps protect the vibrancy of your locks.

    Choose a customized routine made just for you.

    Whether you’re choosing to rock cowboy copper this season or are just looking to switch up your routine, opt for products that are personalized for your specific needs and hair concerns. Prose creates custom products based on over 85 factors to help deliver exactly what your hair craves – every single time!

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