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How-to create this year’s trending pipe braid

December 14, 2018

2 Min read

If you love trying out new braided styles, look no further. The Pipe Braid, an upgrade to a traditional French braid, is a fresh addition to try. Creating this linear style braid entails a series of small knots. Here, keep reading for a step-by-step tutorial on how to recreate the top trending “Pipe Braid,” with tips from our Director of Education and stylist, Faith. Or watch our video for the full demonstration.

For this detailed Pipe Braid you will need:

  • A friend or client
  • An elastic
  • A teasing comb
  • Hairspray (optional)
  • Bobby Pins for flyways (optional)


Pro Tip: While you can do this braid alone, we find it’s easier to recreate with the help of a friend.


Step 1:

Gather a small section of hair and create a small ponytail starting at the top your head and hold with your left hand.

Step 2:

Grab a new section of hair from the right side of the temple above the ear and bring it to the center pony.


Step 3:

Making sure that you are creating a hole big enough for your index finger, take the tail of the clean section of hair under the pony, overtop, and through the hole. Next, slide it up to lock.

Pro Tip: make sure to keep all sections secure and tight to ensure the end result is uniform and free of any loose knots.


Step 4:

Cross the clean strand underneath the pony to the other side.

Pro Tip: Have your client or friend hold the strand left over from the first knot as you will need it moving forward.


Step 5:

Once the first knot is secured, take a clean section from the left side to the center of the pony on the back of the head. Take that section, create a hole, take the tail under the pony, over and through the hole, pinch and slide up to lock.


Step 6:

Cross the second section of hair underneath while pulling up to lock the knot. Have your client/friend hold this section.

Step 7:

Using the first section your friend/client is holding, grab and retie it around the braid, crossing it under, pulling up and locking it as the third knot.


Step 8:

Grab the second section of hair being held and re-tie crossing it underneath the braid and pulling up to lock as the fourth knot.


Step 9:

Continue gathering sections of hair to the center creating knots until you reach the person’s nape.


Step 10:

To finish off this look simply wrap a hair elastic around the pony. Gently pull at the crown to create volume at the roots. Take a teasing comb and tease loose ends for a chic and edgy vibe. Pipe braids aren’t the only hair trends on the rise this season; healthy hair is in too.



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