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How-to Create a Curly Faux-Hawk Updo

December 24, 2018

1 Min read

A simple and stunning updo such as this one doesn’t require much of an introduction. We love that this hairstyle looks much more intricate than it really is. You can actually achieve this style in just a few minutes. Rock it during your next holiday party or any day-to-night event. Make it unique by adding a few colorful bobby pins or hair accessories of your choice.

To recreate this beautifully effortless Curly Faux-Hawk Updo you will need:

  • Hair elastics
  • Hair pins
  • Natural Toothbrush
  • Bobby pins
  • Long Tail Comb
  • Hair Gel
  • Hairpik
  • Hair dryer

Step 1:

Start with your hair down. Use a comb to create a ponytail at the top of your head from your temples.


Step 2:

Use gel and a soft toothbrush to smooth the edges of any flyaways and baby hairs.


Step 3:

Tie the first section of hair with a small elastic and gently backcomb the pony for extra volume.


Step 4:

Twist the ponytail into a messy bun and pin it in place.


Step 5:

Next, take a second section of hair directly above the ears and tie that section into a small ponytail. Repeat steps one through four.


Step 6:

Take a third section starting behind the ears and repeat steps one through four.


Step 7:

Using a hair dryer with the nozzle attachment on and your hands, gently stretch out your curls.


Step 8:

Use a texturizing spray and a hairpik to create extra volume at your lengths and ends.


Step 9:

Use gel and a soft toothbrush to smooth down the edges and lay down any flyaways.


Step 10:

Flaunt your faux-hawk curly updo!


Prepping your hair looks this holiday season may require a bit of extra heat and (unfortunately) damage to your delicate strands. Take our consultation here, for a hair care routine packed with ingredients selected just for your hair.



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