How To Get Curly Hair For Men (2023 Guide)

When researching how to get curly hair, men may be surprised to learn the secret could be a few simple changes to daily routines. Wavy-haired gentlemen can emphasize their natural style for something more defined, while men with straight hair can get the volume-boosting look they crave. Whatever camp you’re in, check out the tips below to discover the combination that gives you the curls you envision.

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    Emphasizing Natural Waves

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    When assessing how to get curly hair, men with some natural waves are ahead of the game. In this case, achieving full curls is just a matter of emphasizing your hair’s natural shape and adding some definition. 

    Don’t Wash Every Day

    Shampooing too often can strip your hair of its natural oils, and dry hair doesn’t tend to curl as nicely. Unless you have fine hair, sweat frequently, or live in high humidity, there isn’t any reason you can’t skip a day or two between shampoos. The trick is to retain your hair’s natural moisture to give it the flexibility to hold the curls you want.

    If the thought of extending the time between washes makes you uncomfortable, rinsing with plain water can refresh your look without stripping your hair. If that doesn’t quite do the trick, try using a dry shampoo between wash days.

    Choose the Right Shampoo

    When you wash your hair, choosing the right shampoo can be a critical element in giving you the curls you’re looking for. Some shampoos are designed to support curly styles while others provide extra volume to give the lift curls need to keep their shape. If you’re unsure which works best for your hair, try a custom shampoo instead to fit all of your wave needs.

    Don’t forget the added benefits of incorporating a follow-up conditioner into your routine. Choose a conditioner that supports the same goals as your shampoo to maximize your results before shaping your curls. Depending on your hair’s needs, you might even benefit from a quality leave-in conditioner.

    Perfect Your Drying Technique

    Since hair moisture is such a critical component to achieving lasting curls, how you dry your hair after showering can have a significant impact on your results.  Air drying is often the best option to avoid heat damage. Using a hair dryer can also reduce the moisture your hair needs, so avoid this or use a diffuser if you’re not quite ready to put it away.

    Keep Your Hair Moisturized

    Although moisture has already been mentioned several times, it’s making another appearance since it’s so important! To ensure your hair is properly moisturized to achieve its full curl potential, consider using hair oil to give it an extra boost. Many oil types can enhance the health and look of your hair without weighing it down.

    Use Curl-Enhancing Products

    Curl creams are made with ingredients that help define and shape your curls. Often applied to damp hair, these products lock in moisture and dry down to leave soft, manageable curls that move freely.

    If you anticipate needing something with a firmer hold to lock those curls into place, consider using a styling gel instead. Also best used on wet hair, the level of hold you achieve depends on the amount of product applied. A small amount allows natural movement for your hair, while heavier product use can lock your curl style firmly into place.

    Choose Shorter Cuts

    Heavy hair can pull curls straight, so shorter cuts are often the best option to set the stage for transitioning from waves to curls. A high fade with some extra length on top will give you a dedicated area to work with and really accentuate the curls you create. When choosing your cut, remember that lighter is better, so pick a length that won’t weigh your curls down.

    How to Get Curly Hair: Men with Straight Locks

    The wavy-haired gents don’t have an exclusive lock on how to get curly hair. Men with naturally straight hair have options to achieve similar looks and can maintain their curly styles by using some of the advice from above. Before worrying about maintenance, however, use the suggestions below to get those curls in place.

    Consider Using Hot Tools

    If you’re blessed with some extra length, using a curling wand or flat iron is a popular method for giving your straight tresses some volumizing curls. Just remember to use a heat protectant before applying any hot tools to your hair to prevent possible damage.

    Opt for a Perm

    If you’re looking for a longer-lasting option, getting a perm can create curls in your hair that can last for months at a time. Make sure to see a professional if you choose this option to ensure the product being used isn’t going to do unnecessary damage to your hair. Once it’s finished, if you like what you see, use some of the tips for wavy hair to extend the life of your new curls.

    Use Volumizing or Texturizing Products

    Curls need lift to take hold and last, so choosing products that add volume or texture to your hair can help create the ideal environment for the perfect curl. Choose a volumizing product to give you the extra body needed to create space for the curls you want. A texturizing product, like sea salt spray or dry shampoo, offers a similar volumizing effect and provides a light hold to maintain the curls you form.

    If you’re ready to take the plunge and craft a new curly style, you may be wondering which hair products are best for you. Try starting with a custom formula made specifically for your hair needs by filling out the free Prose hair consultation.

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