How to Layer Hair Products

How you layer products on your hair is just as important as finding the right haircare products. You can achieve better results with your hair by learning how to layer hair products in the right order.

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    How to Layer Hair Products for the Best Results

    When it comes to haircare, applying shampoo first and conditioner afterward is pretty straightforward but things may get confusing after that. Do you apply hair gel or heat protectant first?

    As with skincare, using the right hair product at the right moment helps increase the effectiveness of that product. Let’s put this into perspective with an example you are probably more familiar with. A toner would be less effective if it was used as the last product on your skin instead of as the second after your cleanser. And it’s the same with hair products. Using the wrong order may even cause damage to your curls.

    The number of products you apply will be dependent on how you want to style your hair and your hair type.

    What about Cocktailing?

    Cocktailing hair products refers to mixing two or three hair products to achieve the desired result. Some good examples are mixing water and a leave-in-conditioner to act as a refreshing spritz for your old twist-out or adding oil to your conditioner to make it more moisturizing.

    You may ask, “What’s the difference between layering and cocktailing hair products”? With layering you apply one product after the other. But with cocktailing, first, the two products are mixed and then applied to your hair. 

    Knowing how to combine hair products is a skill you’ll need to master. The catch to cocktailing is to find products that complement each other, which will involve a lot of trial and error and creating a cocktail that will help you achieve the result you want to achieve.

    Layering Process

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    Start with a Leave-in Conditioner

    After you get out of the shower, the first product you’re going to want to pick up is a leave-in-conditioner. Starting with a leave-in-conditioner applies across the board, regardless of your hair type or the result you want to achieve. 

    A leave-in conditioner hydrates, nourishes, strengthens, and repairs damaged curls. Leave-in conditioners are usually light, meaning that it will easily get absorbed into your hair if it is applied first. Furthermore, it also creates a foundation for the other products to be applied.

    The application of leave-in conditioners differs from hair type to hair type, but we all have to agree that it is a step that should be included in everyone’s routine.

    Use a Heat Protectant

    If you’re going to use heat to style your hair, don’t skip this step but if not you can move on to the next! 

    A heat protectant works to protect your hair from heat damage that may occur when you use excessive heat to style your hair. On top of that, a heat protectant also provides and seals moisture in your hair and also prevents frizz.

    Heat protectants come in various forms such as; sprays, creams, and serums. Whether your hair is thick or thin will guide you on which heat protectant to go for. If you have thin hair you might consider going for a lightweight one to avoid weighing down your hair. If your hair is thick, a thick heat protectant will provide enough protection. Want to cut down on steps? Use the Prose custom Leave-in Conditioner which provides heat protection up to 450°!

    No matter the type of heat protectant you go for, apply from your ends heading towards your roots ensuring it is well distributed.

    Curl Cream

    A curl cream, as the name suggests is used to help you style your curls in whatever way you want to. It is often in a creamy consistency and can be tailored to fit your hair’s specific needs. Curl creams help seal moisture in your hair, hence hydrating your strands. 

    As with all other products, apply your curl cream from the ends, giving them the much-needed attention, heading towards your roots. Be careful not to apply too much as you may end up with greasy hair.

    Styling Gel

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    A hair gel acts as a sealant for moisture and as a styling product too. They also prevent frizz and hair shrinkage, giving your hairstyle the right amount of hold. Additionally, a styling gel created to address your unique hair goals and needs helps give your curls more definition. 

    Hair gel is a great way to hold your desired hairstyle in place, no matter the length and texture of your hair. But it might take a little practice to learn how to achieve the perfect hairstyle using gel.

    Last But Not Least, Hair Oil

    Adding hair oil as the last product no matter what you applied beforehand helps seal moisture in your curls. It also nourishes your hair and smooths away frizz. Apply a few drops of oil on your hair and work it in focusing on your ends and the hair shaft itself. 

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