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10 Short Hairstyles That Actually Feel Fresh

November 18, 2021

1 Min read

From the ‘90s pixie cut to the French girl bob in “Amelie,” there’s something so effortlessly cool and confident about short hairstyles. You know what else? Short hair is super versatile. Plus, how to style short hair doesn’t have to be one note. Bobs and lobs are just the tip of the iceberg; there’s a plethora of cuts and styles for lengths ranging from buzzcut to shoulder-grazing. 

Whether you’re newly sheared or have always preferred shorter locks, here are 10 short hairstyles that feel fresh and perfect for right now, but are also kind of timeless.

1. Blonde crop


Starting out strong as hell, curve model Marche Diedericks proves just how much power super short hair can hold. One of the best ways to style a close crop is with color. Apart from Diedericks’ gorgeously soft blonde, you could go pastel pink, terracotta orange (perfect for autumn!), platinum, jet black, or any shade that feels authentic to you.

2. Stacked bob


Portland-based stylist Lara Bilyeu achieved this stacked bob with the help of a razor, which gives the cut a shaggy effect and just the right amount of oomph around the crown. The addition of bangs and side tendrils takes this style straight to the streets of Paris. Oui oui!

3. Cropped curls


Consider this your sign to get #TheBigChop. From deep side parts to head scarves and headbands, cropped curls are equal parts elegance and edge. Not to mention the way a big chop highlights your natural features and bone structure.

4. Shaggy mullet


Mullets are having a major moment. A few female celebrities have recently revived the long misunderstood hairstyle, which had its heyday in the ‘70s and early ‘80s. A mullet is really just a shag with shorter layers in the front. You can go for a longer mullet, as styled here by Bilyeu, or opt for a more subtle baby mullet.

5. Curly bob


There’s no one way to wear a bob—and that’s a beautiful thing. Curly bobs, especially, offer a breadth of different styles and shapes depending on your curl pattern, hair texture, and length. Photographer Damola Akintunde styles her curly bob with a perfect center part here, but also pulls off aesthetic updos and space buns on her IG. Inspiration central!

6. Pixie shag


Bilyeu is the shag queen, and this pixie shag perfectly illustrates that. While she kept the overall length super short, the graduated cut of the bangs and windblown layering makes this style feel light and airy. 

7. Banged bob

Oakland-based stylist Corinna Hernandez took this model from long, straight locks to a modern razor bob with major body and movement. To the classic short bob, she’s added layers and mini curtain bangs for a modern and romantic twist.

8. Finger waves

We’re in the ‘20s, so it feels kind of perfect that celebrities are bringing back this roaring 20s hairstyle. All you need is hair gel or mousse, a rattail comb, and a hair dryer to set the look. After generously applying a mousse or gel all over your hair, use the comb to make S-waves around your head. Check out a handy step-by-step here.

9. Rounded lob

If you’re a fan of hair history, you’re feeling the Vidal Sassoon vibes right now. But unlike the slightly helmet-shaped cuts popularized by the legendary stylist, today’s rounded styles are more natural and wearable. Hernandez started the layers at the chin and used only scissors for this bouncy yet angular style. 

10. Wavy bob


If a pixie or mullet is a bridge too far, this wavy, balayage bob is probably more in your comfort zone. NYC stylist Matthew McCarty and master colorist Kim Ruszczyk collaborated on this effortless style, which has the right ratio of dark to light roots and light layering for easy maintenance.



April Walloga is a beauty and lifestyle editor who’s written extensively on hair health and the root causes of hair loss. She is the former and founding editor in chief of and has been a lead editor at publications like Business Insider, Gotham magazine, and In her spare time you can find her perusing what’s new at Sephora or enjoying Riverside Park with no less than her third cup of coffee that day.

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