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The Best Summer Hairstyles for Traveling with Long Hair

April 26, 2019

1 Min read

A quick and easy hairstyle is the way to go when hopping from one mode of transportation to another. The good news is you can still look and feel presentable. Try out a few of these looks to discover your new go-to ‘do for traveling, no matter where you’re going.

Boat Cruising

Not only are head wraps a great accessory to pair with any outfit, they can also double as a way to discreetly deep condition your hair while on the go. Just slather on your favorite deep conditioner and then wrap it all up with a pretty head wrap.

Train Hopping

From french to fishtail, braids are the ideal travel hairstyle. Whether it’s your every-day style or temporary, they ensure that your strands are tied up so well that you won’t even have a passing thought of hair all day.

Long Car Rides

A half up, half down style is perfect if having your hair completely up just isn’t a look that you love. Tying up only half of your hair will ensure that it will be out of your face while still freely flowing.

Plane Snoozes

Top knots are a lazy (or is it smart?) person’s tried and true style. Plus, they won’t get in the way when you’re trying to sleep on a plane, bus, etc. Be sure to twist your hair up with a scrunchie to avoid kinks in your hair upon arrival.

Pro Tip: A long haul flight is the perfect time to try out a heatless wave technique.


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