Wearable Met Gala 2022 Hairstyles

Red carpets always stir up a lot of discourse and the 2022 Met Gala was no exception. The theme was ‘Gilded Glamour’ and there were many different interpretations of that motif. 

Every year, no matter what direction celebrities and brands take, it’s always fun to see the various beauty looks that come out of the event. Although they can be extravagant (as they should!), there are ways to make them more wearable. Check out a couple of our favorite styles translated from red carpet to real life, below.

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    Met Gala 2022 hairstyles

    Bedazzled curls

    This star makes being the daughter of a supermodel look easy, breazy, beautiful. Her longer than life locks are of course extensions, but to make this look more accessible, skip the extra length and work with what you’ve got. A good texture spray and hair oil are key to recreate this look. Finish the style off with your favorite statement hair clips and you’re ready to strut your stuff.

    Polished pony

    From Paris to New York, this celeb always brings bold color and glamour to the table. A polished, high ponytail completed her extravagant outfit that featured what seems to be the color of the season: hot pink. The key to this hairstyle is refreshing your roots with dry shampoo and then slicking down the top of your hair with hair oil to tame flyaways and ensure the high pony is the star of the show.

    Did you have any favorite Met Gala 2022 hairstyles that you’d like to see recreated? Let us know in the comments below!