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The Money Piece Hair Trend: Perfect For Spring 2022

April 15, 2022

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Many of the trends we left behind in the ’90s have been making a comeback over the years, and the latest reboot we see for this year’s spring hair color trend is the re-emergence of the money piece hair technique. Offering an update that ranges from subtle to dramatic, this versatile color option gives everyone the chance to put a little extra flavor on their go-to style. 

What is money piece hair?

To get money piece hair, your stylist simply needs to strategically place a few highlights to frame your face. These can be subtle lightened tones of your natural hair color, providing that warm weather, sun-kissed look. They can also create a stronger effect with distinct, chunky streaks that sit at the front of your hairline.

Although money piece hair was traditionally used to brighten the face with lighter shades, creating a lifted look, this season’s trend is seeing a fondness for bold pops of color. Streaks of red, purple, and green create a striking contrast to the hair’s natural color, drawing the eye to the face and providing a little extra point of expression to show off your personal style.

money piece hair trend

Who can pull off money piece hair?

The beauty of the money piece hair technique is that it looks good on everyone. Whether your hair is blonde, red, brunette, black, or gray, a few lightened pieces on either side of your face provides the same flattering effect. This is even more true when it comes to the brighter alternative colors, giving everyone the chance to enjoy a dramatic new look without committing to full coverage color.

There are a few things to consider when choosing your money piece hair color. Whether you’re ready to go rogue with a bright streak of pigment or you want the subtler natural highlight effect, it’s a good idea to work with your skin tone while making your selection. Warmer skin tones will benefit from warm colors, just as cool tones look better with cooler shades.

How to care for your money piece hair

Money piece hair often involves lightening some of your tresses, so it’s important to consider the extra steps you’ll need to take to minimize any damage. These steps may vary, depending on the number of shades you go up and whether you opt for highlights or bright colors.

money piece hair

Keep your hair moisturized

Stripping your hair of its color to bring it up a few shades tends to dry it out, so make sure to put in a little extra effort to keep it moisturized with high-quality hair oil or a leave-in conditioner. It’s a good idea to keep all your hair moisturized, but pay special attention to the signature colored areas found in the front with the money piece hair technique. These hairs are prone to breakage and environmental damage as you go about your day.

Hair masks are another great way to add and retain the moisture your hair needs. Unlike regular conditioners, hair masks tend to offer more intense treatment to dry and damaged strands, restoring the overall health of your hair while adding some protection against future damage.

Care for your scalp

When thinking about caring for your new color, don’t forget the importance of keeping your scalp healthy. A happy scalp creates healthy hair, giving your look some longevity and providing a strong canvas for touch-ups and new color options. A targeted scalp mask can help you optimize your scalp’s health while also repairing some of the damage done if you choose a highlight that extends to the roots of your hair.

Ingestible supplements can also help keep your hair looking its best. Giving your system the tools to promote scalp health means a better foundation for new growth. It’s much easier to prevent and repair damage to hair that had a healthy start.

money piece trend

Get money piece hair without sacrificing hair health

If you’re ready to jump on the money piece hair trend, first get yourself set up with the products you need to keep your hair healthy and strong. Customized product lines can give you a tailored solution to all the issues you may be facing with your hair. Check out the Prose hair consultation to pinpoint your hair’s trouble spots and get products made just for you to give your hair a healthy boost before showing off your new color.  


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