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5 Tips for Getting Thicker Hair

December 12, 2018

1 Min read

Thick, voluminous hair may not be your natural state, but it’s definitely achievable with the right ingredients, styling routine and tips. Here are five thick-hair hacks for anyone who has volume at the top of their hair goals list.

Brush For Hair Health

If you’re not brushing daily, now may be the time to start. That’s because routinely brushing your hair could help thicken your tresses. Brushing distributes the natural oils in your hair and helps to protect it from damage. It also exfoliates the scalp and rids you of dead hair.

Plan a recipe for hair success

With so many products out there, it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed when searching for the right hair care for your particular needs. However, if thicker hair’s what you’re after, you should narrow down your search to shampoo and conditioner with ingredients that are proven to help with hair growth.

First, provitamin B5 is essential for hair growth and overall health. It works to restore the scalp’s natural balance to give your hair the best foundation possible for growth. Hyped as a skin savior, hyaluronic acid can also kick-start healthy hair growth and increase overall thickness.

Pay attention to your scalp

If you want to thicken your locks, it’s vital that you give your scalp some love. That’s because the health of your hair is rooted in the health of your scalp. First, be sure to avoid harsh cleaning agents that can affect the natural balance of your scalp. Instead, use a more gentle, sulfate-free alternative that won’t deprive your scalp of the moisture it needs.

Second, avoid over-washing your hair to keep your scalp in tip-top condition. If possible, try not to wash your locks more than three times a week. Make sure you’ve got the latest on how to wash your hair the right way for maximum results.


Fake it with a haircut

It may seem counterintuitive to get a haircut when your goal is to add volume but the right cut can actually make hair appear thicker than it actually is. For example, a blunt cut could give your hair the illusion of added volume. Face-framing layers could also add desired volume as well.


Make some lifestyle changes

According to The Calm Clinic, there’s compelling evidence to suggest hair loss and anxiety might be related. Rest assured though, there are ways you can combat stress. Try prioritizing sleep and gentle exercise that you find fun and that fits into your routine.


The right hair care is the foundation to healthy hair. Make sure you’re getting the right ingredients for your hair’s needs with your own custom formula here.



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