You’re Going to Want to Try These No-Heat Hairstyles for Spring

It’s a new year, but 2022 feels more like 2020-too—and that includes our attitude toward heat-styling our hair. After the past two years, we strongly prefer loungewear over jeans, bralettes (or no bra at all!) over underwires, and no-heat hairstyles over curling iron burns. Not to mention the healthy hair gains we’ve made by giving our hair a break from heat styling with no-heat hairstyles and swaddling it in protective styles laced with hair oil and leave-in conditioner

PSA: There’s a wide world of no-heat hairstyles—it doesn’t stop at heatless waves! Here are some of our favorite no-heat styles to try instead of picking up a hot tool this year.

Table of Contents

    1. Bow-clipped bun

    Just when you thought you were bored with buns—add a ribbon or bow and your Bridgerton vibes are complete with this no-heat style. This style works with any hair texture and any type of bun, be it messy, perfectly coiled, or even braided. Apply a bow clip or tie thick ribbon underneath the bun, letting the ends fall down the nape of your neck if you have a longer ribbon. This would be a great hairstyle to pair with  a backless top or dress.

    2. Banded braids & next-day waves


    Similar to the viral bubble braids, this “banded braid” no-heat hairstyle uses polyband hair ties to band the hair in one- to two-inch sections. Hair blogger Lana Summer demonstrates how to section the hair into tiny ponytails and then band the lengths in this video. Bonus: You’ll be left with perfect ‘90s spiral curls when you remove the bands.

    3. ‘70s curls on locs


    Farrah Fawcett curls on locs? We live for this! YouTuber Imani Goodridge saw ‘70s-style curls trending on TikTok and devised a method to create this no-heat hairstyle on locs. Using a deep conditioning treatment and foam rollers, she rolls damp locs in small sections and allows them to set for 48 hours. She then uses her hands to style the curls into a ‘70s shape. Check out her tutorial, full of loc-rolling tips and tricks, here.

    4. French twist ponytail


    From a style that takes 48 hours to one that takes less than 48 seconds, this twisted ponytail couldn’t be simpler. It’s the same process as making a French twist, but instead of tucking the lengths in, let them fall free to one side. Pull a few tendrils out around your ears to complete this effortless, no-heat hairstyle.

    5. Space buns


    As we approach festival season, let’s remember that space buns are not a one-trick-pony. Worn a little lower with twists in front, Alaysia Joi’s space buns are more down to earth and a great option for a no-heat hairstyle. “For this style, it’s important to stretch your hair,” she says. “I part my hair down the middle and stretch my hair with silk scrunchies before going to sleep.” Kudos to Alaysia for using silk hair bands, which are naturally less abrasive on hair and prevent breakage.

    6. Waterfall topknot


    You’re not only embracing your curls with this no-heat hairstyle, you’re putting them front and center. Much like a half-done French twist, this waterfall top knot starts with the knot and then lets the lengths of your curls fall forward. It kind of gives the effect of a faux bang—in a very chic, “I care but I don’t care” way. Whatever it is, we’re feeling it, especially on gorgeous red curls.

    7. Double-claw low pony


    We bought a ton of claw clips last year—time to put them to good use with this simple yet innovative no-heat hairstyle. It only takes a few minutes: Pull your hair into a half-up style and secure with a claw clip, then use another claw clip to secure the low ponytail. This style looks equally gorgeous on curly hair and the more hair you have, the more claw clips you can use.

    8. Braided low pony


    A braided low pony is the ultimate no-heat hairstyle for third- or fourth-day hair, because natural oils near the scalp will help create perfect braids while more textured, voluminous lengths create a fluffier ponytail. You can choose to braid one side, or both, with a deep side part or a perfect middle part. But you will need to brush up on your French braiding for this one, as the braids need to wrap around your head. 

    Pro Tip: Work Prose custom hair oil or leave-in conditioner into the hair before braiding to give your strands a luxurious, all-day hair treatment. 

    9. Classic no-heat curls


    Of course we can’t overlook the viral overnight curls, which started with sock curls and spiraled to all manner of heatless curling hacks. Instead of wrapping your hair around a tube sock, you can now buy plush curling tubes: Jacqueline Elkouby, above, created her own line of 100% silk curling tubes. All you have to do is part your hair, wrap each side around the curling tube, secure ends with a silk scrunchie, and go to sleep. When you wake up: Disney princess curls.

    10. The Ariana high pony


    Ariana Grande made the high ponytail with side-swoop bangs famous—and thankfully, this look isn’t going anywhere. (It’s actually rooted in ‘70s mod style and is therefore timeless!) This is a great no-heat, no-wash day style because your natural oils work with the sleek look. The trick is to pull the side-parted bang out with a comb, then make your high pony. The choice to tuck the side bang behind your ear or secure it with bobby pins is up to you. Instead of curling the ends of your ponytail with heat, try using your hands warmed up with a bit of hair oil or curl cream to manipulate a tiny S wave.

    Which of these no-heat hairstyles is your favorite? Regardless of the one you choose, treat your hair to products that are custom made to help it be its healthiest. Get started here with your Prose consultation today.