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5 Party Hair Hacks For Quick and Easy Hairstyles

December 4, 2018

1 Min read

Styling your hair for a night out can be fun no matter what your skill level. From effortless glam accessories to tricks for making any style last, these party-perfect tips are just what you need to get you through the holiday season.

Focus on the Prep for Lasting Styles

How and when you prep your hair can be the difference between a limp and lifeless hairstyle or one that was styled by the likes of stylists Candy Diaz or Olivia Halpin.

Think about creating more texture if you want a style that will last. Freshly washed hair is generally too slippery to hold any upstyles, but by adding texture using products like salt spray or mousse, you can create extra ‘grip’, which will also make your hair easier and quicker to style.


Try a Heatless Style

No time for a blow-dry? Well, there’s no need to sweat as there are plenty of party-perfect accessories to elevate your look with minimal effort and maximum impact. For example a jeweled hair comb looks fabulous when nestled in a half up-do or low chignon creating a classy vibe and a glitzy headband can add instant sparkle to any holiday hairstyle.


Slip-Proof Your Bobby Pins

One major struggle of any party hairstyle is getting it to stay in place. The trick is strategic bobby pin placement that will stay in place.

To create slip-proof bobby pins, spread them out on a towel and spray hairspray or dry shampoo over them. Next, take the corners of the towel and gently sway left to right to evenly distribute the spray or dry shampoo over them. This will transform your everyday bobby pins into “sticky pins” that will give them better grip once in your hair.


5-Minute Waves

Want romantic waves in less than five minutes? Simply tie your hair into a loose, high pony and split strands into five to eight sections depending on the thickness of your hair. Curl the ends of these sections with a curling iron or wand and once done, pull your hair out of your pony. Voila! – bouncy, no-fuss waves in record time.


Give Your Hair Much-Needed TLC

Parties often mean plenty of blow-outs, straightening and styling, which can leave hair looking dry and dull. It’s a good time to really invest in good quality ingredients and give your hair a little extra love.

Look for ingredients that are nourishing and reparative. Collagen, lilac leaf cell and hyaluronic acid are perfect for when your hair needs a little pick-me-up. These ingredients form a protective film known for its highly nutritive properties, which when used in shampoos and conditioners help to repair hair from its core at the same time.


Now’s the perfect time to treat yourself and make sure you have ‘party-perfect’ hair. Take our consultation here to discover the ingredients your hair needs for an all-year-round healthy shine.



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