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Trending Now: The Pixie Mullet “Mixie” Haircut

January 21, 2022

1 Min read

No matter how you feel about mullets, one thing you can’t deny is the style’s ability to evolve. After dominating runways and salons alike for years, they are still insanely popular. That’s where the pixie mullet comes in, the latest evolution in our shag obsession with a twist. A meeting of two classic cuts from very opposite ends of the style spectrum, “the mixie” is 2022’s hair trend that just somehow works. One of the best parts about this trend? The style can be adapted to all hair textures.

The pixie mullet brings out the very best of the 80’s style. Without the long tail, it’s a close cousin to the wolf cut. And by the way, that’s the style you’ll end up with if you decide to grow out your pixie mullet. (Two hair styles in one? yes please!)  On the pixie side of the family, the pixie mullet brings a certain fairylike, Hepburn elegance to the equation. It’s the perfect length to show off your décolletage and new statement earrings. Maybe the best part of this hair style, is that despite all of the funky chicness you get, it’s actually quite easy to maintain for everyday wear. The pixie mullet is out of the shower, towel dry ready to go. But, if you’re planning for a special occasion, try spritzing with a texturizer or dry shampoo for an extra zhuzh.

While mullets have always been associated with masculinity and punk rock, and pixie cuts with femininity and innocence, the pixie mullet combination creates something entirely new that defies gender stereotypes for a modern look. The pixie mullet can be worn with leather studded jackets and pink ballet flats alike, but no matter what direction you take this new classic style, the pixie mullet is guaranteed to add just the right amount of flare.

Pixie mullet “mixie” inspo

@aliciadrayton_ pairs her mixie with the cutest smile.
@bangtoronto stylist @nicholasbernardhair created the perfect mixie shape for his client.
@marissabaklayan likes to play with color, dyeing her mixie blue and bleaching her brows white.
Trendsetter @c.har.lee called the pixie mullet trend a couple years ago.
@lila.doliner’s dark black mixie gives off major ‘90s vibes.
We love this curly take on the mixie cut by @manepursuit.



Lee Phillips is a freelance New York based storyteller across mediums. With a BFA in writing from The New School, Phillips uses language to convey her personal truths and imagine new worlds in fiction, poetry, screen writing and non-fiction. Her non-fiction can be found in office Magazine, CryBaby Zine, Period Space, Chanel Void, Editorial Magazine, 10011 Magazine and includes editorial work for brands. Her creative writing is published in Unvaeled Journal, Rookie Magazine, and her poetry book, “Nowhere Words,”  published in September of 2020.  In all of her work, she believes in creating content that engages viewers through shared experience and authentic narratives, rather than elitism or insecurity. Follow her instagram @c.har.lee for more.

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