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How to Play Up Your Natural Hair

April 1, 2019

1 Min read

Having a bit of texture and grip to your hair is always a plus when creating fun and striking styles. Take a look through a few of our favorite hairstyles for textured hair that either require minimal effort or are protective and will allow your strands to discreetly flourish. While some of these styles may not be the quickest to recreate, they’re a labor of love that’s worth the wait.

Braid Out

A close cousin to the twist out, the braid out is when hair is separated into sections and plaited with three strands instead of just two, resulting in a slightly different curl pattern when unraveled. 

Natural Locs

Out of all the styles highlighted in this article, natural locs definitely take the longest time to fully realize, but the sense of pride that you’ll feel once they’re grown out to your desired length is worth the wait.


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Cornrows are a super convenient protective style that take all the guesswork out of styling your hair. Just hop out of bed, lay your edges if you wish, and go about your day.  


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Bantu Knots

Bantu knots are a protective style that double as a funky and fun hairstyle. So, you’ll look cute while you’re conditioning your hair and then when you take your knots out you’ll be left with voluminous curls for days.  


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My hair is getting too long for #bantuknots 😬 it took me about two hours to achieve this 😆💦

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Faux Locs

If you don’t have the time or patience to spend on locing the hair that grows out of your head, some faux locs are a great option. 


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There’s a reason that braids are such a popular vacation hairstyle. Similar to cornrows, braids make styling your hair an almost non-existent task. The actual installation process isn’t effortless, but once they’re complete the maintenance is minimal.


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Wash n’ Go

For sure the most effortless hairstyle on this list is the wash n’ go. Just cleanse your strands, slather on some conditioner, and let your hair air dry.


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