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#AskThePros: Your Top Questions About Custom Dry Shampoo, Answered

October 30, 2019

1 Min read

Welcome back to #AskThePros, where The Pros—your support team of custom formula and hair experts—break down our biggest customer questions. This month, we’re focusing on custom dry shampoo: the world’s first dry shampoo that’s customized to meet all your day-off needs.

One of our biggest launches of the year was met with unprecedented excitement from our customers, and naturally, quite a few questions. Whether you’re on the fence about dry shampoo or just want to know more about your custom formula, we’ve got answers.

1. Is Custom Dry Shampoo safe to use every day?

Absolutely! Our natural powder formula is a gentle problem-solver; this means it won’t irritate your scalp (no matter how sensitive), and it won’t dry out your strands (no matter the texture). Plus, our ultra-fine powder leaves zero residue, so you can use it without fear of buildup on day one, day two, and beyond.

2. Can my Custom Dry Shampoo be made vegan, just like my other Prose products?

When it comes to ingredient preferences, custom dry shampoo already checks everything off the list; all formulas are vegan, silicone-free, and fragrance-free.

3. Can Custom Dry Shampoo be made with my preferred Prose fragrance?

We totally get this one—who doesn’t want to keep smelling like Ispahan after wash day? But custom dry shampoo is completely fragrance-free, regardless of the fragrance you select during your consultation. For a little context, aerosol dry shampoos are typically formulated with strong fragrances to mask chemical smells; that’s because they can contain harsh gases to propel the product from the can. Ours is a loose powder formula that doesn’t require any harmful extras; with nothing to hide, it’s completely fragrance-free.

4. Will my Custom Dry Shampoo be similar to my Prose shampoo formula?

Think of your dry shampoo as your Prose shampoo’s cousin, not a twin. It’s custom-formulated to address your biggest day-off needs, but with a completely new set of active ingredients in powder form.

For example, selected “Volume” as one of your hair goals? Then your formula will contain Tapioca Starch for extra lift. Or maybe you’ve indicated that you experience some scalp sensitivity; there’s an active ingredient for that (Oat Flour, for its soothing properties). Or maybe your geo-aggressors indicated that you live in an area with high pollution; your custom formula will likely include Binchotan White Charcoal to further cleanse and protect the scalp. With over a dozen new ingredients in our portfolio, your custom dry shampoo is no one-trick-pony.

5. Does Custom Dry Shampoo contain aluminum?

We use aluminum starch octenylsuccinate, which is not to be confused with aluminium chlorohydrate, an ingredient commonly found in antiperspirants. Don’t be fooled by the intimidating name—it’s otherwise known as Modified Corn Starch, which is a completely safe aluminum salt derived from (you guessed it) corn starch. And just in case, here’s a list of ingredients that your custom dry shampoo will never contain: toxic aerosol gases, nanoparticles, talc, alcohol, silicone, phthalates, and GMOs.

6. How can I get the most volume out of Custom Dry Shampoo?

We know the struggle: one of the biggest tell-tale signs of an off-day is limp, flat strands. Thankfully, your custom dry shampoo can be formulated with Tapioca Starch—if you recall, this multitasker helps control sebum and provides a volume boost. For maximum body and lift, apply your dry shampoo and let it sit, then flip your hair upside down and work the roots. There’s even a quick how-to video, which you can find here.

7. What else can Custom Dry Shampoo do?

Where to start? This multitasker can be used for a post-workout refresh, to revive waves, and to extend or enhance hairstyles by providing texture and grip. Another quick tip: to save some time on your morning routine, apply custom dry shampoo before bed. The formula will absorb oil as you sleep, so can hit snooze a few times and still wake up with refreshed strands.

8. Can I purchase just the Custom Dry Shampoo on its own?

Of course! Your shopping cart will always contain your Recommended Routine to holistically address your hair needs, but you can opt for a single dry shampoo purchase. Just adjust the quantity of the other items to zero, then you can move forward to checkout.

9. Can I add Dry Shampoo to my subscription?

Before the first custom dry shampoo even shipped from our facilities, we were flooded with emails from customers determined to add it to their Prose subscriptions. While we agree that custom dry shampoo should become your next top-shelf staple, it isn’t part of our subscription just yet. But stay tuned, as our team is working to expand our subscription program in the future.

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