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#AskThePros: How (and Why) Are My Prose Formulas Constantly Evolving?

September 26, 2019

1 Min read

Welcome to #AskThePros, where The Pros—your support team of custom formula and hair experts—break down our biggest customer questions. To kick off this series, we’re diving into the how and why of your constantly evolving formulas.

To start, some Prose 101: unlike an off-the-shelf product, your custom formulas are made-to-order based on our latest advances. But did you know that even if you don’t update your consultation, your formulas can change from one order to the next? If you’re wondering why we’d bother changing a good thing, don’t worry—it’s only because we’re confident we can make it even better.

Ingredient innovations

Our R&D Team—a kickass, all-women team of chemists based in Paris—conducts ongoing research to ensure that we use only the most high-quality, clean ingredients. This means that occasionally, they’ll replace an ingredient with an alternative that provides higher performance or is more naturally derived.

Case in point: if you’re dealing with scalp sensitivity, last year your Prose formulas would have contained Mushroom Extract and Reed Extract for their soothing qualities. But now, your formulas would contain a powerhouse trio of CBD, Liquorice and ProVitamin B5. This complex was created by our chemists after one of Prose’s co-founders shared that he was using CBD oil to manage back pain. After extensive testing, these ingredients proved to be more effective at restoring scalp health and made it into our portfolio. (Fun fact: CBD is one of The Pros’ most asked-about ingredients. Yes, it’s totally legal in all states, and nope, it won’t get you high—you can read more about it here.)

Algorithm fine-tuning

Much like our ingredient portfolio, our algorithm—the set of rules that translates your consultation data into formulas—is adjusted based on our research and customer feedback. After all, even the most premium ingredients won’t do your strands justice if you don’t receive the right ones at the optimal concentrations.

Working with our R&D Team, our Tech Team (another kickass team based in Paris) will fine-tune our algorithm. So while your consultation data may remain the same in between orders, the resulting formulas could change. Perhaps our latest rules determined that your strands actually require more hydration, or that your shampoo should be more clarifying—all of this can be achieved with a smarter algorithm.

Occasionally, we may even expand the data we use by updating the consultation. For example, previously you could have indicated what kind of color treatments you have, but not how often you receive them or how much of your hair has been treated. As you may have guessed, a one-time root touch-up doesn’t leave quite the same damage as a monthly dye job (though when it comes to hair color, we strongly recommend that you do you). Using our chemists’ suggestions, our Tech Team integrated these questions into the consultation and algorithm, leading to formulas that better address your hair’s needs for nutrition and color protection.

Real-time geo-aggressors

Each time you place an order, our algorithm runs again so that your formulas take into account our latest rules, ingredients, and more. Placed your first Prose order in the winter, and going back for a refill in the summer? You may spot the addition of our UV protectants (Coconut and Karanja Oils) in your ingredient list. That’s because we’ll pull the most up-to-date geo-aggressor data to ensure your products are formulated for the current season.

Formula optimization

And finally, the Prose puzzle wouldn’t be complete without your input—this is why we created a first-of-its-kind feature that allows you to fine-tune your formulas with each order. Ever noticed the “Review & Refine” button in your account page? Just click to answer a few questions about what your formulas did or didn’t accomplish, and our algorithm will make adjustments by adding or removing ingredients, and adjusting concentrations as needed. While this feature was another joint effort between our R&D and Tech Teams, the ultimate co-collaborator in your Prose formulas is always you.


Convinced that custom hair care is for you? Get started by taking your Prose consultation here. And if you’re already in love with your Prose, be sure to subscribe to receive a fresh set of products whenever you need. 



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  1. I will respectfully say that I am very disappointed in the “optimized “ formula that I received. It removed any and all good attributes that the earlier Prose had a accentuated. I won’t be using it a second time, that’s for certain. Where do I dump it?