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How to Incorporate Dry Shampoo Into Your Prose Routine

Amber Alston
October 9, 2019
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Here at Prose, there’s nothing we love more than an amazing hair care routine. We pride ourselves on having a team of chemists who formulate products that work together in perfect harmony to nourish and restore your hair and scalp with regular use. But, we get it, sometimes you’re not in the mood to wash your hair (plus you may not need to wash it as often as you may think). That’s where dry shampoo comes in. Read on to learn how to seamlessly incorporate dry shampoo into your Prose routine.

Before you wash

Dry shampoo can extend your hairstyle by up to a week and works wonders on dirty hair. The multitasker can absorb excess oils and debris, mask overgrown roots and add volume to flattened sources. To reap the benefits, start by applying dry shampoo to the roots of your hair’s part. Allow it to absorb and dry before moving onto the next section entirely. Move through the hair in one-inch parts and then use fingers to work the product through the roots and scalp gently.

After you wash

Contrary to popular belief, dry shampoo can be used on freshly cleansed hair. In fact, for people with oily, thin, dry or curly hair (yes, even curly hair) it can radically transform their clean strands. In this case, it helps to think of dry shampoo as hairspray without the unwanted, sticky residue.

For people with thin, straight hair, dry shampoo can create the illusion of fuller, thicker tresses. The texture dry shampoo creates makes it easier for thin hair to hold curls, waves, and other textured looks for more extended periods of time. When lightly applied to curls, dry shampoo can create a thin, protective coating that locks in hair’s natural oils (rather than stripping them) to prevent coils from interlocking.


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