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How the Prose Chemists Formulate Your Custom Shampoo

August 21, 2020

1 Min read

Have you ever wondered about the science behind your Prose shampoo? Our chemists Here’s a breakdown of the process, step by step.

Step 1: Water + Super Water + Moisturizers

Purified water, super water, and moisturizers are all combined. Our super water is a natural floral water that has antioxidant and moisturizing properties among other benefits. The moisturizers do exactly what you would guess. They either boost or maintain your hair’s moisture level, keeping your hair soft and smooth.

Step 2: Cleansing agents

Our cleansing agents are natural and rich in saponins and surfactants. Saponins cleanse the hair and surfactants are small molecules that are attracted by water and oil. Surfactants are able to trap sebum, oil, dirt, and build up, which will then wash away once you rinse your hair. We don’t use sulfated surfactants (SLES, SLS) because they’re too harsh.

Step 3: Formula protectors

We use antioxidants and preservatives to uphold your formula. Antioxidants are used to protect the actives in your shampoo, preventing them from oxidizing which could lead to color change and odor. Our natural antioxidant of choice is Vitamin E. Preservatives prevent the growth of microorganisms. We only use what’s necessary to preserve your formula without disrupting your scalp’s microbiome.

Step 4: Thickening agents

It’s always a challenge to get the perfect texture, especially with sulfate-free shampoo. We want your formula to be easy to handle and spread nicely on your scalp without being too liquidy.

Step 5: Addition of active ingredients

Depending on your scalp and hair’s specific needs, we add certain active ingredients to your custom formula. We choose to add them at the end of the formulation process to ensure they’re fresh.


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